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Join Mary Beth for Season 9 of The Vinyasa Show, where she will share a series of spacious flow practices to promote a sense of balance in the body, breath, and mind. Throughout the season, we will explore twisting, arm balancing, hip and heart opening, and inversions. These practices will result in a feeling of spaciousness, strength, and ease.
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Jan 16, 2017
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(waves crashing) Hi yogis, I'm Mary Beth LaRue and I'm here with you for a season of the Vinyasa Show. These practices have come from my own home practice. They're designed to be spacious, fully-bodied, even a bit quiet. So even though they're short and sweet, they are complete practices. You will feel balanced in your entire body, you will feel balanced in your mind and in your breath.

Expect twisting, expect arm balancing, hip opening, heart opening and even going upside down. Please stay in touch with me as you move through this journey. I'd love to hear how it goes as you revisit the practices again and again. Honored to be here with you. Namaste.


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