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Welcome to Relaxation Takes Practice. Julia shares techniques designed to promote deep rest and relaxation. She guides us through restorative postures, meditation, and even sings us a lullaby.
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Dec 07, 2014
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Namaste, dear Yogi friend. I'm really happy to be able to share with you in the series a few techniques to help you find deep rest and relaxation. We live in a world where our energy is constantly being drawn outwards and this disperses the mind and puts a lot of stress and depletion on the Nervous System. So my intention is to help you to center, to come back to that place of stillness that is always here within. So that you can quickly come back and find clarity and renewed energy levels and a sense of peace in your day to day life.

So whether you've just come back from work and you want to just let go of the day and refresh your energy so you can be more present with your family and with your friends or whether you're feeling a little unwell and your Immune System is down and you need some deeper rest or maybe, I love to use these practices when I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't sleep and the mind is racing and then just using some of these centering techniques, I can quickly get back to sleep. So finding when you're in those moments of needing deeper rest something that works for you, I will be offering a few different examples and entryways into rest, using guided meditation, using some restorative postures, and even I'm going to sing you lullaby. So, um, just finding what works for you and I really encourage you to, you know, whether it's just 10 minutes, take a little time and in you day to find this rest because you'll find that it really enhances your ability to be present to everything that you want to do in life. I will using some props and I will give you some, you know, some alternatives cause you might not have the props that we're using. They'll be blankets or pillows or towels or something you can use instead.

So don't be afraid to give it a go. Even though you might not have everything that I'm showing. And I just invite you to really, you know, nourish yourself and nurture yourself and I hope that I can be of support to you in that way. So many blessings on your journey. Namaste.


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