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Season 1 - Episode 7

Guided Meditation

15 min - Practice


Julia shares a guided meditation to point us toward a deeper listening. We bring our awareness towards the breath and sensations in the body. This practice promotes conscious relaxation to help calm and center the mind and heart.
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(waves crashing) Namaste, dear yogi friend. I'm so happy to be able to take you on a guided meditation today. For me, meditation is really my most important practice for allowing myself to turn inwards and find that place of peace and presence that is always here. So I invite you just to find a place that you can sit really comfortably, where your spine is supported so you're not having to struggle to hold yourself up. So a chair, or whatever works for you, really, where you can be really, really comfortable and have this sense that the spine is elongated and upright.

So I'm just taking a moment to settle in and finding a comfortable position with the hands. I like to just rest my hands, one on top of the other, and let my thumbs, the tips of my thumbs, just lightly touch. Just allowing the palms, the hands to rest in the lap. And maybe just placing the feet, the soles of the feet, on the floor if they easily reach. Feeling that sense of grounding down into the earth.

So we'll begin just to close the eyes. Take a deep inhale. (soft inhaling) And exhale out through the mouth, let the belly relax. (soft exhaling) Again, inhaling. Exhale out through the mouth, relax the belly.

(soft exhaling) Allow the pelvic floor muscles to relax and soften. And just feel the heart starting to brighten, to blossom open, perhaps the shoulder blades move slightly towards each other on the back. Have the intention of moving the crown of the head up towards the sky, feeling the spine lengthen. Allowing the whole body to relax and soften. Allow the jaw to relax.

The eyes to relax. Another deep inhale. (soft inhaling) And exhale. (soft exhaling) Start to bring your awareness to the sounds outside of the room that you're in. Just beginning to listen to the sounds in the distance.

Listening not only with your ears, but with your whole being. With your body. With your heart. With your soul. Just focusing on the sounds outside of the room.

Noticing if the mind comes in, just allowing the thoughts to come and go and bringing your awareness back onto the sounds in the distance. Just allowing the breath to do whatever it's naturally doing. And then beginning to draw your attention closer... And starting to listen and become aware of the sounds inside of the room that you're in. Maybe hearing the sound of my voice.

Whatever other sounds there are present. In your vicinity, in your room. Finding the sense of full-body listening. Allowing everything to be exactly as it is, not needing anything to change. Just noticing...

The sounds. Allowing your attention to move closer inwards. Noticing the sounds within you. Perhaps the sound of your breath. The sound of your heart beating.

Thrusting your awareness inwards. Noticing the thoughts coming and going... And without needing to change them, without needing to push them away, without getting involved. Just coming back to listening to your breath. Hearing your breath coming in...

And hearing it coming out, noticing your breath flowing out. Noticing your breath flowing in. Noticing your breath flowing out. Continuing to allow everything to be... Exactly as it is without needing anything to change.

Just noticing... What's here. And if it's available to you, perhaps... Listening to that place below the breath. Perhaps hearing a gentle hum in the body, in the being.

That vibration of pure presence. Just allowing yourself to rest... Here. If the mind starts to wander, coming back onto the breath, just noticing the breath coming in... And flowing out.

And dropping down again underneath the breath... Into that hum of the being. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. And just allowing everything to be just as it is. Knowing that this place is always right here, in this moment, just waiting for you to listen.

(gentle chiming) (soft reverberating) Just bringing your awareness back onto your breath. And take a deep breath in. (soft inhaling) Exhale, relax the belly. (soft exhaling) Deep inhale. Another big exhale.

(soft exhaling) And just before you open the eyes, just rubbing the hands together and creating some heat between the palms. Generating some healing energy and then just placing the palms over the eyes. Just receiving your own healing energy... Into the windows of the soul, the eyes. And slightly patting your face.

Maybe just brushing the top of your head. And just possibly, just patting the shoulders. Just releasing the energy down the arms. Patting the opposite shoulder and just... Releasing the energy off the other arm.

Slowly opening the eyes. Take a breath in. (softly inhales) And exhale. (soft exhaling) As you open the eyes staying connected to that place of deep rest within. Namaste, blessings on your journey.


Kate M
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How lovely, Julia. I used this guided meditation for a yoga nidra practice today and it took me very deep. Many thanks : )
Julia Berkeley
Kate thanks for sharing... so happy for your deep rest! 

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