The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Day 2: Open Your Hips

50 min - Practice


Day 2 is all about our hips. Peter builds on our practice from Day 1, offering a similar beginning to find ease in our entire body before moving into postures that focus on finding opening and relief in the hips. With encouragement to use props as needed and consult with your inner guidance, we explore such hip openers as Single Pigeon Pose and Gomukhasana. Let us know how you are feeling!
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Strap


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Another wonderful, challenging practice. Again, I modified to suit. My body feels alive, worked out and open. Hips are grateful for the attention. Thank you!
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Yes I did day 2! :)
Hi Wendy congratulations on completing Day 2. Feel free to message me here if you have any questions about the challenge each day.
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Nice...! Lots to process. I almost wish I could slow the practice and the cues down in order to better integrate the process. Perhaps with repetition this will become easier, more intuitive.
Hi Kate , you're correct - that's exactly how it works...
Thank you!
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Peter,Peter Sterios I love your concise direction , and how you incorporate the breathing to get into a pose ,,I just love your style ,, I have learned so much thank you Paula
You’re welcome Paula. Learning how powerful the breath can be was an incredible gift for me. And I keep discovering new things everyday.
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Peter and Paula thanks for the reminder about using the breath to get into poses. Peter, is this true of a pose like "crow"? I just got introduced to it yesterday, but there was no que about using the breath to get into it. Just thought you might have a minute to give some advice. And, thanks for turning me on to Yoga - before working with your videos it was all just another "work out".
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Added: actually I guess it is crane pose. I've done crow - but maybe only baby crow or baby crane(?) before a couple of times. But, going up into what I guess is crane is different? No worries if not appropriate here - I'll just play with it no matter what it is called.
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