Mantra Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 2

Sound of Your Being

10 min - Practice


Tune into the sound of your being. In this mantra practice, we look at the mantra, or sound, Hamsa. We look at two practices to play with the mantra on the inhale and exhale to harmonize the breath and help us tune into our hearts and the sound of our uniqueness.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hello again, dear Anuradha. I am so happy that you are here for another season of taking flight and calming down through the practice of mantra.
Dear Debra , Happy to have you back for more joyful explorations with the mantras. Look forward to hearing about your findings. Best wishes :)
Beautiful open feeling in chest.
Divine Mother’s Presence to help my Swan Rise Up.
Blessed you be AnuRadha...🙏🏽🌟
Dear Hoda, Grateful for your heartfelt blessings! Experiencing the swan within is to have a taste of real freedom ... Enjoy your soaring up .. :) 

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