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Season 2 - Episode 4

Mantra: Soham Hamsa

5 min - Practice


We combine the two mantras that correspond with the sound of our breath—Soham and Hamsa—into a sounding practice.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Namaste. In the last few episodes, we have been looking at the mantras, hamsa and soham. And we have seen the connection that both these mantras have with our breath. Both of them correspond to the natural rhythm of our breathing, hamsa, soham. And they say that this sound naturally occurs in our system about 26,600 times in a day.

Can you imagine that? So here we are going to become conscious of that sound and follow it by producing that sound either aloud or silently. So the sound when you do it aloud would be hamsa, soham. Say that hamsa, soham. So when you are practicing this mantra hamsa and then soham, initially when you are doing it aloud, then you take a deep breath first, you inhale and then say hamsa, inhale, soham.

Once more inhale, hamsa, inhale, soham. So when you are doing it silently, you can inhale with so and exhale with ham. Inhale with ham and exhale with saha. Again inhale with so, exhale with ham, inhale with ham, exhale with saha. The more you become comfortable with associating the mantra with your breath and feel confident about this relationship between the two, you can then add your visualization to it.

So see yourself as this bird that sores up, this golden swan that is soaring up into the skies and resting on your breath and with the next breath it sores higher up and a release of everything that is the gravity and pulls it down to the earth. Here is this mantra, be free, fly high and be happy, namaste.


Hoda G
Thank you. You have The Best Wishes for your students. Thank you.🙏🏽🌟
Anuradha Choudry
Hoda, May happiness be yours .🙏
Hoda G
The Mantras teach me that true Happiness is in the power of the chant. It is a gift that is eternal in any given moment. Thank you Anuradhaji🙏🏽🌟

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