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5-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 1: Observe Your Thoughts

5 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 1. Find a comfortable seat. We begin by observing our thoughts and becoming more aware of our breath—the quality of the inhale and exhale.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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gentle presence, beautiful
Thank you, Laurie. Enjoy...
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Lovely, light-filled, thank you. It is wonderful to be practicing with you.
You're an angel, Lori. Thank *you.*
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Day one was lovely. Thank you
You're so welcome, Lesley. Blessings.
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I had so much tension in my shoulders and now I don't thanks to you! Thank you that's amazing.
Isn't it remarkable when meditation can help our bodies- sometimes even in ways that asana cannot. Thank you for sharing that aspect of your experience!
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I can not believe how fast and peaceful that went. Craving more... Thank you Rosemary Garrison !
Wow, that's remarkable, Daleen . So happy to hear it. It's magical when we enjoy meditation. Continue to enjoy!
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