10-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Day 1: Find Your Seat

10 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 1. We find a comfortable seat and begin our challenge by observing the mind, the sensations in the body, and the breath.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Your distilled, essential instruction juxtaposed with equal silence and your soothing presence allows the meditation to flower. This is wonderful stuff, Rosemary. Thanks so much.
You are so welcome, beautiful Lori. Thank you for sharing in it with me... and for your poetic, insightful feedback.
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Happy to do this... thank you!
Brava, Janet , for jumping in. Please let me know how it unfolds...
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Where did I go? Namaste
The best!!! Glenford
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Thank you Rosemary for all the preparation techniques and info. I'm glad to be starting the challenge today!
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This was truly a rewarding experience for me. I have never been able to sit for meditation. It always seems like such a long time and I open my eyes to find that its been only a few minuets. this time passed quickly as I focused with your guidance. I could not believe that 10 minuets had passed and I actually wanted more time! Thank you so much for your guidance. I really had such a break through today!
You are welcome, Beth . Congratulations on starting the challenge. Let me know how it unfolds!
Lavette , this is remarkable. I am so happy to hear it. I often say it's not useful (perhaps even counter-productive) to begin meditating without guidance. (Our minds are often unkind when left unchecked or unguided.) If this instruction can help you access meditation more... and even enjoy it, I am thrilled! Keep me posted as you carry on.
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