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Season 1 - Episode 18

Day 10: Rest in Your Seat

10 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 10, our final sit together of the Challenge. It's been such an honor and a joy to share these practices. In our final day, lets rest in our seat and notice.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Thank you....
You are oh so welcome.
For a moment before the 5 day Meditation Challenge and this 10 Day Challenge, I had stopped meditating consistently because of back pain. But per one of your suggestions, I changed from sitting in a chair to meditating in the heroes pose. Back pain is gone and my practice is on track again. Thank you.
I am so happy to hear this, Curtis. What a gift it is when we are freed from pain! And able to practice comfortably again. Enjoy.
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Rosemary - thank you so much, I have really appreciated sitting with you and am quite amazed at the profound stillness that settled in around day 8!---any chance of 15 for 15 just to consolidate! of course one should do it alone but your voice is so helpful and your silence strangely even more so!
Have a beautiful day
Thank you so much, Michelle. I am so happy to hear of the stillness- what a blessing. And how poetic that the shared silence is helpful. I understand completely. I truly believe we need support and guidance along the way on this path. If you can do it alone, wonderful- but not at all necessary. Perhaps try the 21 day challenge next?! And let me know how it feels... Many blessings, R
Thank you, Rosemary. Day nine I had quite the meditation experience. It was not a particular day. I was traveling for a conference, and I woke up a bit stressed. I was not sure if I should sit because my head was spinning with thoughts. I sat, And I was so glad I did. I felt I rose above the stress and thoughts. It was an amazing feeling to free myself of the thoughts. I plan to repeat the 10 for 10. As I am not quite ready for the 21 for 21. Namaste! Jennifer
This makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. Such a testament to how valuable this practice is- especially when we think we don't have the time or peace of mind to do it. Let me know how round 2 goes! Xxo, R
So many shantis. This isn't over yet. :)
Brava, Lori. Onward...
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