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Season 1 - Episode 18

Day 10: Rest in Your Seat

10 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 10, our final sit together of the Challenge. It's been such an honor and a joy to share these practices. In our final day, lets rest in our seat and notice.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome to day 10 of 10. Congratulations. Let's sit together. Steady gaze or close the eyes. Finding your sweet spot.

Your comfortable seat. Resting the hands and settling in. Connect with the breath. Enjoy the breath. And let everything else, your thoughts, your physical sensations, your emotional sensations, the sounds around you, let everything else rise and fall and rise and fall.

No need to go into it. No need to do anything about it at all. Just rest in your breath and your seat. No need to go into it at all. No need to go into it at all.

You You You You You You You You You You Just thinking, just a sensation, just a sound, whatever it is, allow it, let it pass, and breathe. You You You You You Your connection to your breath and this spacious awareness remains, no separation. As you gently transition, allowing the eyes to open if they're closed, taking in the light and the space around you. Congratulations, it was such an honor and a joy. Namaste.


Chris C
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Thank you....
Rosemary Garrison
You are oh so welcome.
Curtis Hamilton
For a moment before the 5 day Meditation Challenge and this 10 Day Challenge, I had stopped meditating consistently because of back pain. But per one of your suggestions, I changed from sitting in a chair to meditating in the heroes pose. Back pain is gone and my practice is on track again. Thank you.
Rosemary Garrison
I am so happy to hear this, Curtis. What a gift it is when we are freed from pain! And able to practice comfortably again. Enjoy.
Michelle F
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Rosemary - thank you so much, I have really appreciated sitting with you and am quite amazed at the profound stillness that settled in around day 8!---any chance of 15 for 15 just to consolidate! of course one should do it alone but your voice is so helpful and your silence strangely even more so!
Have a beautiful day
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you so much, Michelle. I am so happy to hear of the stillness- what a blessing. And how poetic that the shared silence is helpful. I understand completely. I truly believe we need support and guidance along the way on this path. If you can do it alone, wonderful- but not at all necessary. Perhaps try the 21 day challenge next?! And let me know how it feels... Many blessings, R
Jennifer D'Avanzo
Thank you, Rosemary. Day nine I had quite the meditation experience. It was not a particular day. I was traveling for a conference, and I woke up a bit stressed. I was not sure if I should sit because my head was spinning with thoughts. I sat, And I was so glad I did. I felt I rose above the stress and thoughts. It was an amazing feeling to free myself of the thoughts. I plan to repeat the 10 for 10. As I am not quite ready for the 21 for 21. Namaste! Jennifer
Rosemary Garrison
This makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. Such a testament to how valuable this practice is- especially when we think we don't have the time or peace of mind to do it. Let me know how round 2 goes! Xxo, R
So many shantis. This isn't over yet. :)
Rosemary Garrison
Brava, Lori. Onward...
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