21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Practice 2: Open the Heart

10 min - Practice


We explore a simple asana practice to help create the open space for the breath and heart during meditation.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block (2)

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Jul 01, 2017
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I loved the upper body focus on this. Feeling really open in the shoulders now. Thank you for sharing.
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This is great Nikki. I have already meditated this morning but now I am about to work at my desk for hours. My shoulders and chest thank you 😊
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surprised how powerful this was - especially with the pose in the position shown above on the title page - the instructions to tuck tailbone under and ribs down was spot on - thanks v much
still a great practice!
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I'm finding I'm having trouble getting my arms over my head because my triceps and biceps are tight where they meet my shoulder. Will this open up naturally over time, or is there some pose or video I can watch that may help me get more flexible in this area? Is creating an issue in quite a few poses I'm trying to get into. Thx!
Erica L yes this can change over time. You need to work on mobility in that area with poses like down dog or non weight bearing. I love to do shoulder openers with a strap for this but there are many shoulder mobility practices you can do. Search up some shoulder practices on YogaAnytime! 

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