21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 19

Day 7: AUM

20 min - Practice


Today, lets find our seat and align, continue to work with a counting technique, and start to explore mantra meditation, working with the cosmic sound of AUM.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nikki, thank you so much for this wonderful meditation. It is starting to effect my moood off the mat. I feel a wonderful sense of calm. I do have an anxious personality, and this is working wonders!!!
Yay Carol !! I love hearing this. Yes, meditation should have a positive effect on the rest of the day.
You are such a gifted teacher. I love how systematic you are in presenting your meditation teachings. I am an older person, late 60s, and your work is a helpful part of my recovery from a traumatic event. Many thanks. Nahaaw. Ben
Ben thank you for kind words! And beyond thrilled to know those meditations are supporting your recovery- really nothing could be better than to hear that!!! Thats yoga truly transforming
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interesting - the transition from counting to breathing to mantra worked well for me. very much appreciate your gentle, clear, systematic manner.
thanks Matthew
second time around with this practice of aum - and it seems that the mantra creates more 'space' rather than fill the existing 'space'. thanks.
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I love the different techniques you're offering. Thank you! I didn't really resonate with the aum mantra because I had the expectation that it would vibrate through me, like it does when chanting it. Tomorrow I'll drop the expectation and see what results. Thanks so much for such a wonderful program.
Chrys so glad you are trying this challenge and open to changing your expectations. let me know again how its going.
I am really enjoying the different methods. I look forward to each day to see what’s next. Am I ‘thinking’ aum or is it physical and audible? Thanks so much for this class.
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