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Kristin Leal welcomes us to Season 1 of Body Poetry where she takes us on a journey exploring the great mysteries of the heart, nervous system, and gut. She poetically weaves the western and eastern models of understanding through meditations, pranayama, asana, and talks.
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Nov 16, 2017
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Yogic slam poetry! What an extremely cool idea - ! Love your word flow - sonorous sound bonding... and such an infinitely inspiring focus - !
Yogic slam poetry!!! I love that! So happy that you are enjoying it!
Dear Kristin, this is so beautiful. I am a yoga teacher and I have started a series of workshops called Yoga and Words: Stories in Motion where I weave asana, breath, sound, poems and short stories. It was delightful to find somebody with the same 'vibe'. Lots of love, Veronica.
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That sounds amazing Veronica I hope our paths cross in the "real world" one day!

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