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Season 2 - Episode 3

4 Facts of Breath

5 min - Practice


Your breath loves you. With easy movement we tether our attention to our breath and explore four facts that prove this love. By letting ourselves reconsider this ever-present relationship, our heart's desire for connection and freedom can be met. Knowing the tender intimacy of your primary life force is essential. You do not need a partner for this lesson.
What You'll Need: Mat


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I remember when you spoke about this years ago, when I subscribed to your studio on-line in Ojai. I loved it then, and I love it now.
Breath is somehow timeless, with the very intimate relationship it offers at ALL times.
You inspired me to use it a lot in my classes last few weeks and it helps the students to invite the breath, instead of chasing it.
I saw a girl today where the t-shirt stated: "Breath is Free" and I felt THAT would be the fifth facts of the Breath. Free in shape and form, and free/available to us at all times.
Thank you again for being such a great instrument for us all to tap into our higher source.
Petra, wow! I love this 5th Fact! So happy to be in these teachings together. xok
Thank you, Kira, for this great practice! Regards!
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Love the instruction and the comments.

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