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Season 2 - Episode 3

4 Facts of Breath

5 min - Practice


Your breath loves you. With easy movement we tether our attention to our breath and explore four facts that prove this love. By letting ourselves reconsider this ever-present relationship, our heart's desire for connection and freedom can be met. Knowing the tender intimacy of your primary life force is essential. You do not need a partner for this lesson.
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Let's begin with establishing our understanding of the four facts of the breath. So lie yourself down, bend your knees, soles of the feet on the floor, let your arms reach over the top of your head so you're comfortable, elbows might be slightly bent and just begin to find your way into your version of windshield wipers. So inhale, knees are center and as you exhale, knees come to a side, inhale, knees back center and exhale, knees to the other side. Yes, inhale, knees center, exhale, knees to a side, beautiful, inhale, knees center and exhale, knees to the other side. So continue like this, let it be rhythmic and coordinated.

It's not as easy as it looks to tether the attention inward and so we're using the breath and the movement to help, yes. Next time the knees come over to the right and you feel a stretch in your left side, stay here and be a little bit more enthusiastic with reaching your left arm away from you and reaching your left thigh bone out of the hip socket so that you can really feel a stretch through the left side of the ribs and you can start to bring your awareness into the left lung and by letting the left lung be the tethering point for your awareness, can you start to really let the breath explore your left lung? Beware the back of the left lung, the bottom of the lung, yes. And let's agree on the first fact of the breath, she responds immediately. So as soon as we draw our attention to the breath, so as soon as you've become aware of a particular spot and become aware of the breath there, she responds.

So as you're ready, inhale, bring your knees back up, exhale, other side. And same idea, now that you have this right side, be a little bit more enthusiastic with the right arm, be a little bit more enthusiastic with your right thigh. Can you really use your extremities to help lengthen here, beautiful, and now allow your attention to come to where you feel it and go into that right lung with your awareness, yes. So nice, beautiful, and our temptation is to be aware kind of in the front middle. Can you really be aware of the back and the bottom?

And so our first fact of the breath rate, she responds immediately. Second fact of the breath, she's been here this whole time. Nice inhale, bring the knees back up, exhale, knees over to the other side. So again, using your limbs to help lengthen you, feeling the back and the bottom of the lungs, and as you allow your awareness to dive into this left lung, first fact, she responds immediately. Second fact, she's been here this whole time.

Third fact, she's never asked anything of you. Yes, I mean what other relationship is like this? Okay, inhale, bring the knees back up, exhale, knees come over to the other side. So one more time here as you lengthen through this right side. Can you allow yourself, as you feel the movement of the breath and the lung, can you allow yourself to start to be more appreciative for this relationship?

She responds immediately. She's been here the whole time. She's never asked anything of you. And the fourth fact that we'll be exploring as we move deeper into this season, she loves to be inspired. Beautiful, let an inhale bring your knees back center.

As it would feel good, hug the knees into the chest and wobble. And then just pause with your knees held into your chest, soften the jaw a little bit, soften the eyes and just consider the possibility, consider the possibility that this breath, that this breath that we've been given, this breath you've been given, loves you. Thank you for being here. Namaste.


Petra L
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I remember when you spoke about this years ago, when I subscribed to your studio on-line in Ojai. I loved it then, and I love it now.
Breath is somehow timeless, with the very intimate relationship it offers at ALL times.
You inspired me to use it a lot in my classes last few weeks and it helps the students to invite the breath, instead of chasing it.
I saw a girl today where the t-shirt stated: "Breath is Free" and I felt THAT would be the fifth facts of the Breath. Free in shape and form, and free/available to us at all times.
Thank you again for being such a great instrument for us all to tap into our higher source.
Kira Sloane
Petra, wow! I love this 5th Fact! So happy to be in these teachings together. xok
Sandra Židan
Thank you, Kira, for this great practice! Regards!
Kelley S
1 person likes this.
Love the instruction and the comments.

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