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Season 1 - Episode 1

Welcome to Feeling Alright

1 min - Practice


Welcome to Feeling Alright! 30 Day Yoga Challenge. For the next 30-Days, we will move through 20-minute practices each day to help build strength, flexibility, and confidence in YOU. Throughout the challenge, we will work with a variety of Opening, Middle, and Closing sequences so you can begin to explore which patterns feel best in your body. Listen inward and begin to trust your own practice.

Please see attached .pdf of the Opening, Middle, and Closing Sequences, along with a complete list of sequences to follow along.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 26, 2017
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SO excited for this!!!
Hi Jenny!! Nice to see you here on the challenge!
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So great to follow a new challenge with you. A great way to start 2018. Namaste.
Thanks for being here Cherhine!!
Happy New Year 2018 to You and Namaste🙏🏽✌️☀️
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Just finished day 1 on 1/1/18, a great start to the new year! Thanks for making this series, Robert.
Perfect way to begin Rich B. !! I believe you JUST transitioned from previous challenge, correct? Anyway, welcome aboard, enjoy the ride:))
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Up to Day 7. I am really enjoying these gentle moments in each day!
Welcome Karen Rennie ... Glad they are working for you!!
On day 16 and loving this challenge to invigorate my mind and body during this  COVID-19 pandemic 
Yay Susan Schneider !!! Thanks for sharing this and letting me know you are here with us! So happy it's feeling helpful for you during these unstable circumstances! Lot's of positivity and optimism, Robert

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