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Season 4 - Episode 4

Hanuman: Devotional Flow

30 min - Practice


With devotion to Rama and Sita, Julia guides us in fluid practice designed to awaken the energy of Hanuman within. You will feel a sweet sense of the divine masculine and feminine meeting in the heart.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster

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Lovely, inspiring way to start the weekend ❤️🐒🏹❤️
Wishing you a beautiful weekend Jenny ... Jai Hanuman!
What a treat to practice with you, Julia Berkeley ! Thank you so much for this offering. Jai Hanuman!!
Oh Kelly Sunrose how lovely to feel you through the airwaves... love how yoga connects us across time and space. Jai Hanuman! Xxx
Thank you for a wonderful start yo my day!
Thanks for joining in Kit & Dee Dee Blessings
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Thank you so much for this - it popped up right when I needed it. Might I ask, where did you learn to teach yoga, in the US or the UK? Interested as a fellow original Brit who lived and taught for years in the US...always noticing the international variants and subtle differences in style :) Thank you and hugs from the UK (where I just moved back to!) X
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lovely class
Linda G thanks for joining me and Hanuman!

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