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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 6

Special: Sound & Mantra

- Practice


In the historic Krishnamurti Library in Ojai, California, Anuradha takes us on an adventure into the world of sounds with the primary focus of discovering and understanding our inner spaces. We experiment with sounds, gestures, visualization, and mantras, observing the subtle sensations in our minds and bodies. You will feel clear, receptive, and expansive.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Many Thanks for this presentation. Assuming the class will continue soon. (Only able to access about 10 minutes)
Dear Sharon, Happy you enjoyed! :)
Am only receiving 12 minutes of this video-wondering when/if there will be more.(hoping!)
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Sharon, you should be able to see all the chapters now! xok
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This is such a profound and beautiful presentation. Like fine, fine wine, to be sipped and appreciated slowly... (I have listened to the 1st 3 parts so far.)
Dear Kate, the work with mantras does touch the soul of matters literally and requires us to sit with it and let it sink till it transforms. Thank you for here and for sharing your thoughts.
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You are a gifted teacher. Your teaching comes from such a deep place. Your joy shines forth even when you're helping us to navigate the deep waters of Sanskrit verb conjugation!
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(Just listened to 4 and 5.) Your explanation of mantra resonated very deeply with me. Chanting the pranava with movement added another experiential dimension of sacred sound.
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(Just listened to 6,7,8) How blessed are we to receive this teaching! In the past it would be very hard to find someone who could explain this with such a depth of understanding, and here it is offered online to whomever wishes to tune in! PS - Your laugh is infectious, Anuradha : )
(Just listened to 9) Anuradha, I wonder if you could confirm to me exactly what the chant is since I'm not sure if I'm hearing correctly. Is it: Hariki om tat sat x3 Hariki om; or Hariki om tat sat, hare om tat sat, hare om tat sat, hare om ?
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