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In Season 2, Patricia shares what's fresh and alive for her, offering yogic techniques to help the body function well with respect to ease and movement. She invites us to access the deeper more subtle aspects of our being through the integration of asana, pranayama, sound, meditation, and personal exploration. These practices will help you slow down, drop in, and feel more spacious and connected.
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Jan 18, 2015
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Welcome to season two. Season two being a new set of lessons, classes, that I'm sharing with you and I really enjoy sharing ways that I have found both through people who teach me and through my own explorations of helping the body to function well. And as I get older I'm more and more appreciative of all of those techniques and function well with respect to just having some sense of ease and sitting down on a boaster like this and standing and moving around in the world. And at the same time I'm so grateful for that. I'm also appreciating how there's a sense of accessing and interweaving the spaciousness that yoga offers us and getting access to deeper more subtle parts of ourselves. Integrating those two like an anatomy lesson to me is no less holy or spiritual than a very deep pranayama. It's all in service of and in appreciation for the miracle of this life that we have which exists on so many levels. So I thank you so much for your interest and I hope things are coming to you in a way that you can work with them and assimilate them and I'm just really enjoying doing this. So thank you for being here.


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