The Sweet Heart Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 5: Fear and Courage

45 min - Practice


In Day 5 we turn up the heat and move into fear with courage! What is blocking you from fearlessly following the path of the heart? We play and flow at the wall with core strengthening and heat building postures, working toward handstands. You got this!
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Block (2)

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SO MUCH FUN! (And I feel amazing right now ❤️)
YES! You are flying through the challenge with commitment!
This whole challenge has been great but challenge 5 was the best! Totally loving this!
Hi Cindy thats great, you are flying through it! Good to know what you are resonating with so I can add more of in the future!
Ohh my! This was killing me softly 😄😄😄...
I tried my best. I thi k i need to work a lot on my flexibility....🤔
Loved it. Thank you Wade!
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Ruth will i hope you had the Fugees on in the background while it was happening! The great thing about the sequences is when you try them a few more times you will really go deeper at your own pace! glad you are digging it!
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Siii, i feel super inspired ! Thank you again. You are a wonderful Teacher! 👃
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All the things that I thought would happen - my feet going through the wall, not strong enough - didn't happen. I conquered the stinking thinking and eased through the fear with belief faith and an excellent teacher. We all need someone who can take our hand and be a guide through the valley of self doubt. Thanks Wade.
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HI Glenford woah at first I mis-read your message and thought your feet went through the wall! Congrats on breaking through the fear barrier! I think It makes the fear we face off the mat seem more approachable ...let me know what you think!
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Hi Wade . Yoga is a metaphor for my life. When I'm doing a class I'm in the moment paying close attention listening to my body and feelinge and not governed by the outcome. There is no expectation. In life I've been regretful of the past fearful of the future and it was all about winning or losing. Constant tension. The ego thrives on it. So I've started applying my yoga principles to life and now I laugh talk to strangers on the train and am guided by my spirit not driven by my ego. I still have challenges but when I surrender I can find a solution.
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