The Sweet Heart Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 10

Day 8: Fluid Impermanence

45 min - Practice


The waters of the heart can flow freely when we accept the impermanence of all things. We move through a fluid practice to open the heart, find strength in our core and shoulders, and generate the heat of transformation. You will feel alive and happy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Blanket, Block

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Always have loved wall work and going upside down. Why does that feel so good! ? Thank you!
Hi Elissa Me too! I feel like it should be a new proverb like 'an apple a day..." 'Inverting once a day keeps the blues away' or something like that haha
Wade....what can I say but THANK YOU for an absolutely beautiful practice.
Indeed another lovely practice!
Hi Elsie thank you for being a part of this challenge and sharing your good energy!! Glad you are feeling it!
Christel how were you feeling afterwards?!?!
I was feeling peacefully energized. Thank you.
Great use of the wall into deep poses, thank you.
Hi Christy Li thanks and glad it worked for you! Im noticing the workout ball in your profile- so many great things to do with that too!!
Physically def finding more space & feeling the openings but gotta have a sense of humor when it comes to emotionally. Still got a long way to go lol. Bottom line. I like your teachings.
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