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Season 1 - Episode 3

Garfield & Arthur: Aparigraha

20 min - Practice


We begin with the story of James Garfield and Chester Arthur to explore the idea of aparigraha or non-greediness. We then take the lessons and apply them to our asana practice where we temper our tendency to want it all. You will feel graceful and at ease.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi Annie....this is just what i needed. Feels wonderful on my lower compromised lumbar...will there be more episodes?
Thank u love your approach. Janet from Wyoming
Oh Janet from Wyoming, you made my day! Good news: there are 8 additional episodes on the way. May you and your lumbar be at ease and in peace :)
Loved the quasi-sun salute-- felt great on my back! How might you modify it for someone with a bit of arthritis in the shoulders? Smaller range of motion?
Hi Melissa, that's great news that the "almost" sun salute felt nice for your back. To support your shoulders, I'd recommend either practicing this with your knees down, and/or with the hands further out in front of the shoulders, so that the range of motion is smaller but still juicy.....let me know how that works!
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Love these, Annie! Perfect right now for when I can't get over to SMYS! Soon......
I love this version of the sun salutation, especially the Downward Dog to Plank and back to Downward Dog variation! It feels so good in my back and it's less pressure on my wrists. Adding this to my practice and to the classes I teach. Thank you!
Dena, yay!! The ease on the wrists and back was exactly my intention in modifying the vinyasa this way. Thanks for the good feedback! xo
I love the almost vinyasas, and aparigraha is exactly what I needed to reminded of today. Thank you Annie!
Diane, yes!!! I relate so well. Love you miss you.
Need to greed.  Buddha balance

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