Aligned With Breath Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 4

Twists Feel Good

50 min - Practice


Margi guides us through a deep practice designed to sequentially twist and open the body in preparation for Pasasana. We begin mellow and move deep, exploring arm balancing along the way. You will feel really good!
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Blanket, Block (2)


This was chock full of nifty new (for me) ways to get into and really enjoy a variety of twists. My “wow” moment came fairly early with the interlaced hand version of thread the needle...such a simple adjustment that made a huge difference in the pose! This will be my go-to variation from now on. Thank You 🙏🏻❤️
Thanks for sharing Jenny Glad new space is opening. Margi
I know the focus was on twists, but my most favorite pose was the forward bend with the shoulders against the wall! Best thing ever!
Catherine Yes! I love that moment too!
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luscious. expansive. yummy. You are wonderful.
Elissa Aww, you are so sweet. Glad you are on the mat with me! Margi
I got frustrated in this one because I live in an urban centre where space is limited and therefore I have no walls to use for these positions ( shelves, windows and no doors to anchor in the largest most yoga friendly room), connecting wires exposed on spots that could be used)
Samantha I understand your frustration when you're doing your best with the space you have. Feel free to try out Margi's other wonderful classes that don't require a wall space. Or if you would like specific class recommendations, you can write me in a private message. Thanks, Ashley from Yoga Anytime :)
Loved this practice! Margi is the best teacher and I have tried many of her classes. Especially appreciated the modification for the last pose. Would love a modification for the second to last pose, since I was far away from a bind.
marie Hi Marie! I will have to watch (take!) the class to remember what the second to last pose was. Was it a twisted bind?  You can place the bottom hand on a block, and drape the other arm behind your low back. That creates all the same openings. If it is a different pose, let me know what it is and I will reply. There are hundreds of variations for every pose.... well at least 5!!
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