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Yoga comes alive when we see it played out in the world and when we witness human beings embodying the essence of the teachings. Annie welcomes us to Season 1 of Yogis Among Us , where she shares inspirational stories of real life yogis like Prince, Muhammad Ali, and Jane Goodall, as a way to invite us deeper into the teachings both on our mat and in our lives.
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May 15, 2018
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Yoga comes alive when we see it played out in the world, when we see human beings living lives according to the offerings of the teachings. Can we embody the legacies of luminaries like Prince, whose life represented the idea of non-definition and refusing to meld into one category? And in a practice devoted to that, softening the edges of posture and of breath. Can we embody the quality of Muhammad Ali, open up the throat center to stand strongly in a voice that's loud and clear? People who have devoted their lives to principles that are explained in the texts and that we can practice with in our lives, whether we're on the mat, on the meditation cushion or out in the world doing what we do.

So together let's enjoy these stories and these practices, explore the legacies of these amazing real life yogis and find out what meaning they can have for us in our own lives.


Anne J
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Yay for all of us that Annie Moyer graces Yoga Anytime!

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