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Season 1 - Episode 2

Prince: What's in a Name?

20 min - Practice


In Chapter 1, we explore the soul of Prince and his refusal to be bound by name and gender as a way to understand the question: "Who am I?" In Chapter 2, we move into a gentle and slow asana practice unconfined by names and labels. You will feel free.
What You'll Need: Mat


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I love this concept! This season is going to be an interesting ride...thank you so much for this! 💜🕊
Thanks Jenny!! I hope you enjoy it!
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What a soulful and genuine introduction followed by a juicy and freeing practice - eager for the rest of this season. Beautiful!!
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thank you dear anne!!!! i'm so glad you enjoyed it.
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Annie, poetic and enlightening as always. Love this fluid, easy practice. Thank you.
Thank you, Rashmi! Very happy to have you in the virtual class :)
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Prince would be proud! So fun to have Annie in my house! :)
Oh Paula, I hope I did him justice :) ... So happy you got to enjoy the show!
Oh my goodness - That was so very refreshing and beautiful!! Looking forward to all of the rest of the series. I believe all of our practices should be as free flowing as the spirit of Prince (or, the artist formerly known as)...and is now recognized as Love, thanks to you shining your light in that direction!
Hi Diane, shining light in the direction of love is a beautiful thing, isn't it :) Thanks for noticing!!
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