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Season 1 - Episode 2

Prince: What's in a Name?

20 min - Practice


In Chapter 1, we explore the soul of Prince and his refusal to be bound by name and gender as a way to understand the question: "Who am I?" In Chapter 2, we move into a gentle and slow asana practice unconfined by names and labels. You will feel free.
What You'll Need: Mat


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I love this concept! This season is going to be an interesting ride...thank you so much for this! 💜🕊
Thanks Jenny!! I hope you enjoy it!
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What a soulful and genuine introduction followed by a juicy and freeing practice - eager for the rest of this season. Beautiful!!
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thank you dear anne!!!! i'm so glad you enjoyed it.
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Annie, poetic and enlightening as always. Love this fluid, easy practice. Thank you.
Thank you, Rashmi! Very happy to have you in the virtual class :)
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Prince would be proud! So fun to have Annie in my house! :)
Oh Paula, I hope I did him justice :) ... So happy you got to enjoy the show!

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