The Heart's Delight: A Summertime Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 4: Committed

45 min - Practice


The hardest part of yoga can actually be showing up for the practice. Congratulations on showing up for Day 4! Today we explore a fiery flow practice to build heat and strength in the body while inviting in a quality of willpower, self-discipline, and transformation. You will feel confident and powerful.

Want to practice with music? Click here for the playlist that goes along with Day 4.
What You'll Need: Mat


After taking a day off for July 4th I re-committed to the program and found myself in a very fiery practice, indeed! I like that each episode Sarah brings me back to a resting pose at the exact moment I need it. Loved the ab workout of the forearm plank and dolphin, especially. I have always had difficulty with wheel and here, too, I became frustrated and overworked my wrists getting into it. Therefore, the rest of the practice became a challenge in forgiving myself and letting it go. The lovely, long savasana helped.
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I love the lessons, Paula Marie! Forgiving and letting go - life lessons indeed! I really love how the yoga practice mirrors the rest of our lives off the mat as well. Congratulations!
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Hi Sarah. Really enjoyed this practic which combined meditation in motion and breath. The flowing pace picked up and I found myself working harder than usual in a yoga routine and it reminded me of my running dayss! The heart beat was pumping then came the quiet serene and calm that followed during the quieter restorative poses. A beautiful feeling of being one with my soul and open to my inner guide. Namaste.
Dear Glenford, thank you so much for sharing and I really love your feeling of being one with your soul and open to your inner guidance - how beautiful! So happy to be practicing with you from afar. Warmly, Sarah
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Dear Sarah. I feel there is no distance between us. Physically yes, but spiritually we're connected through the practoces and the philosophy of exploring our inner journey through yoga meditation and breath. All the best.
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Thank you so much for this lovely challenge there’s only one more day and I don’t want it to end! I’m really enjoying your classes. What an amazing start/ end of the day. I love your energy and your voice :) namaste 🙏🏻
Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for joining the challenge and being with me here on Yoga Anytime! I am so happy we are practicing together online. Let me know how the rest goes for you! Namaste, Sarah
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Today was day 4 committed. I felt uplifted strong and rooted. I am enjoying my workouts with you Sarah and looking forward to day 5 tomorrow which will be our last Heart’s Delight Challenge and I’m looking forward to another Challenge. Nameste🌺
Hi Mabel! I am so happy to hear that you felt uplifted after Day 4 and are enjoying the challenge! Let me know how Day 5 goes for you. Wishing you a beautiful day, Sarah
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Sarah Beston These have all been great. I want to just keep cycling through them. Next time around I'll add music. 🙏
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