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Season 1 - Episode 2

Tips for Success

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Here are five tips to help support you through the challenge—designated time of day, designated location, props, journal, and have fun!
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Jul 01, 2018
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Welcome. So sometimes showing up to the yoga practice is the hardest part of the yoga practice. So here are five tips that help me to show up to my mat and hopefully will help you as we move through the five days of this challenge together. Number one, find a dedicated time of day that works for you. For me personally, if I don't roll out of bed and do my practice first thing in the morning, the likelihood of it happening later in the day gets less and less as the day goes on.

Find a time that works best for you, whether it's morning, noon, or maybe even in the evening. Number two, find a dedicated space. So this could be at home, it could be at work, or at a yoga studio. Wherever you can find the sacred space to dedicate your time on the mat, maybe bringing in pictures of teachers or sacred items that might feel nice to accompany you during this challenge. Number three, props.

While props aren't required for this challenge, it is nice to have the support of maybe a couple of blocks and a strap. Number four, invest in a journal. As we move through this practice, you might find that things come up that you want to record down on paper, or maybe even writing down your intentions every day as we move day to day through the themes of the practice. Number five, have a good time. The whole point of this practice is to play and have fun.

Just like your favorite summertime memories, this practice is really all about savoring, taking care of you, and just enjoying. So if you take one thing from this practice, please have fun.


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