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Your Body on Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Are postures therapeutic?

10 min - Talk


Not all postures are therapeutic for all bodies. Kristin talks about the difference between therapeutic postures and non-anatomical movement. We also explore the lineage of yoga asana as a way of illuminating our practice and our teaching.
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Aug 27, 2018
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This discussion really resonates. My main practice style has been Ashtanga Vinyasa. Initially I was rather dogmatic about it, but have, over the years, changed that perspective. Fundamentalism in any guise limits growth. Flexibility, openness, the ability to listen deeply - these permit evolution. (BTW, I had never heard some of the stories you relate, but they make sense in relation to the different styles of practice that came from the Krishnamacharya lineage.) : )
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oh I LOVE these words Kate ! Thank you so much for sharing them!
First of all, I am loving learning from you!

I just have to thank you. Though my flexibility is improving, my body just doesn't like to stretch as far as my teachers are asking. I frequently have to "take the block" and I always feel so discouraged or frustrated with myself! Thank you for putting a positive spin on it
Thank YOU for practicing with me Stacie !
I've been watching various episodes that you recorded and after this one, I feel the urge to leave a comment.

I really enjoy the way you combine various facets of yoga (history, anatomy, philosophy, meditation, breath/pranayama/chanting) and ask your viewers question and think about certain practices for themselves.
Thank you for sharing this :)
Thanks Anne for being here!! Your words mean a lot to me:)
Thankyou. This is one of the best videos on Yoga I have heard. The ego has infiltrated Yoga as it has in other realms in life. I feel like we are now being brought back to source and teachers like you are a divine blessing 
Bryony F that's so kind:) I'm very happy that you are enjoying the videos!

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