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At any moment we can have an experience of yoga. This show assumes that you are newer to yoga asanas, returning from a hiatus, or simply prefer a slower pace of more basic postures. The sequences are progressive and designed to prepare you for other shows on the site. Welcome!
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Dec 16, 2014
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(ocean waves) So glad you're here. This show, 'Welcome to Yoga' assumes a few things Maybe you're newer to the practices, maybe you're just coming back or maybe you really prefer a simpler step-by-step, broken down style of sequencing. So, our hope is that through this collection of sequences which are somewhat progressive as we get to know our shoulders, our hips, hamstrings, lower back and such. The hope is that you'll be able to start to develop a relationship with your awareness, your breath and your body. And a certain level of confidence in what feels good and what feels more correct and what feels right so that you can either rift off of these sequences or begin to branch out into more complex practices.

Now, to call the show Welcome to Yoga is a little bit of a misnomer cause it implies that yoga isn't already. And this is just a really important thing again it's so silly to say anything is important but this is a useful point to just keep in your heart that yoga, already is. And the practices of yoga are simply designed to free us, to unravel and soften, and loosen the tensions that keep us from knowing this, intimately and for real. So, the show, Welcome to Yoga, is a little bit more pointing towards our first yoga sutra from our friend, Mr. Patanjali. Hatha yoga anushasanam, which is usually as translated as Here and Now.

And if the conditions are correct and appropriate preparations have been made, the teachings of yoga can begin. And what that's trying to say or perhaps, what that's trying to say or communicate is at any moment, at any moment, we can have an experience of yoga, of what already is. And the practices of yoga simply help prepare us for this. So, happy to be here with you, I so hope this is useful. Thank goodness there are many other practices and many other teachers and so if you don't find what you're seeking here, keep looking dear yogi.



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Thank You Kira for the friendly and warm invitation!
I embrace  being welcomed back to yoga and  relishing in beginners mind and experience- thank you Kira :) 
Maria Elena D, yes, I am always so grateful that Yoga welcomes me back! Glad you are here! xoK

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