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Season 1 - Episode 2

5 Tips for Success

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Shelley offers five tips for a successful 30-day yoga challenge—commitment, creating your space, self-care, tracking your experience, and celebrating your success.
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Dec 22, 2018
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Greetings tribe. Here are five tips for a successful 30-day yoga challenge. Number one, commitment. Make the choice. Decide to do it and let your people know so that they can support you. Consistency is key so try to set up the same time of day every day to come to your mat and invite a friend to join you. When you have somebody to do it with, it makes it more fun, you have accountability, and you can help cheer each other on. Two, create your space both in your schedule and in your home. You might need to simplify for the next 30 days so that you can allow some spaciousness in your life to show up to your practice every day. When you clear your space in your house for your mat, for your practice, make it nice. Put a plant or a candle, set it up by a window, and allow it to be a space that you look forward to coming to every day. Set yourself up with props. For your toolkit you'll need a mat, two blocks, a strap, a bolster, and two blankets or two large beach towels will work and that'll be really helpful for you as we go through these practices together. Number three, self-care. Do what you can. This challenge is designed to be a challenge so you might find some moments in some practices difficult. Do less, modify, do more if you need to, but listen to your body. Treat yourself really well during this time. Try to get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of water, eat good food, be kind to yourself, and if you need body work, get a massage, get a pedicure, foam roll your body, whatever it is you need to keep you feeling good. Number four, track your experience. We find it really helpful to keep a journal during these challenges to help with integration of how your yoga practice is working on the inside, most importantly. How are you feeling? What are you noticing in your life? And you can also even take photos of yourself in five key poses in the beginning, maybe again at the end, and see the difference of how you have physically integrated the practice. Also connect with us on the forum.

Regularly we'll be checking in and messaging each other and supporting each other there. Number five, celebrate and reward. Cheer yourself on. Cheer each other on. You can post a little note on your fridge or in your phone to remind yourself that you're doing a good job. And get a massage or soak in it. Give yourself a nice Epsom salt bath soak if you need it, a healthy meal or a nice treat, whatever it is you like, but give yourself the gift of a reward. So I hope you find these five tips useful for your success. I really look forward to this challenge with you and I'll see you in our first practice. Namaste.


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