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Season 1 - Episode 4

Expanding the Wings

40 min - Practice


Sonia allows us to feel the very real connection between the heart, the shoulder blades, and the arms. With exquisitely sensual cuing, she plays in supine and standing postures to help us feel our wings. The sequence is slow, simple, and deep.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Elke I
Thank you for this lovely exploration, especially after my workday at a desk. : )
Katherine H
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This was so helpful in relaxing and opening up my chest and upper back muscles as well as giving me an avenue to my heart space. Practiced this with my gentle yoga class and it was a great class
Sònia Isart
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hi Katherine, i am honoured you used this sequence and happy to hear is working for you. It is amazing how much we can share and learn from each other. Love and light!
Sally V
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Thank you Sonia, this has been a real discovery. I appreciated the extra time and space to explore, what a gift to bear witness to the medicine of yoga deep in the tissues and the perfusion of prana. Thank you so much. Namaste
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What a great class! Amazing how much more openesss (physical and mental) we get when we are moving from a space of softness. Thank you:)
David G-
Sonia, thank you for this practice. I suffer from shoulder pain, and want to feel more in my body... 

The rebounds or the yummy parts were incredible. I have been feeling pain in the back of heart area, putting too much pressure on the shoulder joint during dolphin. This connection between heart and arms works. 

Even better, I moved the prana as suggested and it helped lighten/open both sides of the body as well. I was proud that my mind thought of the visual of moving from heart to the hands a minute before you suggested it. While you filmed this six years ago, the knowledge and guidance settled within me. 

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