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Sonia Isart Sanou

Sonia Isart Sanou


Sonia’s being is an invitation to rest deeply within ourselves. Her rich and textural teaching and exploration of the inner landscape draw us into a more sensual experience of all that is occurring.

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She demonstrates the rare skill of courageous and rigorous self study. Her offering shimmers with tender vulnerability.

Yoga found Sonia at a time in her life when she felt quite lost, trying to find out who she was. Ko ham (Who am I) has been one of the central questions that has inspired the ancient and modern yogis on their quest. Within this model of inquiry, Sonia was able to see more clearly and find a new quality of peace.

Sonia is the owner of Nomad Yoga and is also practices Thai Massage. While home is Spain, Sonia’s open heart draws community close where she goes.

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