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Yoga for Emotions

Explore your inner landscape and create space for your emotional self within these yoga practices as teacher Sonia Isart Sanou generously shares her own journey of moving from a rational-minded approach to life into a more body aware, emotionally connected place.

Season 1

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Sharon H
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Heartfelt. Love the time given to have the inner experience. Many Thanks! Looking forward.....
Sharon H
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Am hoping for more classes by Sonia?
Kira Sloane
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Dearest Sharon,
We are so happy you are liking Sonia. She lives in Spain so it might be a little bit before we can woo her back to the shores of California. You can find her travel schedule here: // xo kira
Beth F
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Sonia, I love your teaching.  I came back to redo this season again.  Of all the wonderful YogaAnytime offerings this is a gem.  It's a wonder to me how something filmed 5 years ago comes across time and space to bless. Thank you Thank you. 

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