Active Recovery Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 1: Quad and Calves

35 min - Practice


Welcome—you have made it to the first day! In today’s active recovery practice, we focus on finding relief in the front chain of the legs—hip flexors and quads—as well as the ankles and calves.
What You'll Need: Wooden Dowel, Tennis Ball, Blanket, Block (2)


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This felt soooo good...I always love it when I’m guided by an expert to find new nooks and crannies and sticky spots. I’m looking forward to each of these practices and getting even MORE familiar with my body after 56 years lol!
So happy to have you with us Jenny! 
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I teach a class with massage therapy balls - which have more give to them than bone or wood, so this was an interesting exploration. More intense. I generally find a firm sponge ball to be safer on the tissues... but this felt okay... interesting exploration!
Hi Kate! Yes I use balls as well and they are certainly softer! To get the desired softness you crave you can put one or two blankets over the dowel! I’m pretty sure I mention this in the tutorial. I’ve found I like all different kinds of pressure, as do my students,  and have come to love the feeling of my bones being moved by the wood. I love that you’re exploring this and thanks for the comment! 
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Thank you so much for sharing this practice! I truly enjoyed it! I am new to Yoga and I find that some types of exercises are better for me than others (I am more flexible in certain ways). Hope I can also improve flexibility with daily practice. I wonder if I should stop when feeling some sort of pain, or push trough it. 
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Welcome Silvia, we're glad to have you here! So good to hear that you enjoyed Lydia's class. While a soft discomfort can happen around practices that improve your flexibility and range of motion, I do want to caution against pushing through sharp pain. Pain is our bodies' way of alerting us where our boundaries and edges are, so respect the warnings your body gives you through these sensations, and allow yourself the space to ease off of it. 
Keep in touch as you move through Lydia's challenge!  Warm wishes, Ashley from Yoga Anytime :)
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I found the direction of engaging the glutes very useful.  It seems like I often forget about engaging them.
Hi Silvia did you get my personal message regarding your last message? 
Hi Christel. Happy that you are finding your glutes! :) 
Thank you so much for sharing this Lydia Zamorano - really helpful guidance throughout and really good to work through the legs in this way. I'm struggling with weak glutes (as are we all!) and, mostly on the left leg, really tight connectors around the knee, plus really tight/held quads, hamstrings and adductors (I think as a result of tearing ligaments in both knees and tearing things in my left ankle/calf in the mountains some years ago.) This felt like a really safe, restorative practice. Can't wait to come back to it. x
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