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Lydia Zamorano


Lydia exudes the wild quiet of nature. You can see the fire that burns in her through the bright sparkle in her eyes and feel the strength of her container she has so diligently crafted.

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Lydia was introduced to mindfulness and mysticism at a very young age. She grew up in a religious family with a deep connection to spirit, and amidst open minded and soul seeking people on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

An avid rock climber and snow sports enthusiast, yoga came into her life at 19 in the Canadian Rockies. It was love at first practice, and she was instantly a lifer. She dropped out of college to pursue a career in sharing yoga. Fourteen years later she is still exploring, ever-curious.

She had a long love affair with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, a system she still teaches and respects. Richard Freeman was and still is a huge influence on her teachings. However, after feeling like she was practicing like a man, and wanting to go deeper into receptivity and "non-doing," she found Gioia Irwin who introduced her to Vijnana Yoga, a style of "practicing from the inside" and the "tensegrity" body. Soon after she got hit right in the heart with the teaching of Angela Farmer.

Her current longing is to face the fire of challenge with a feminine softness and perseverance and to seek action in heart, mind and body with the understanding of healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

She lives in a small home affectionately named "the treehouse" in Canmore, Alberta with her husband Sonnie and her 10 month old son Tatum.