Active Recovery Yoga Challenge

Yoga can help your active lifestyle and support your athletic performance. These 30-minute practices will accelerate recovery through increasing joint mobility, hydrating your tissues, and reducing muscular tension. In this 7-day challenge, your body and mind will learn a new ease, freedom, and joy that comes with practicing self-care.



Christine S
I have tried to join this challenge but it wont unlock the video. Help!
Kira Sloane
Hi Christine, somehow I am not able to see which Challenge you are trying to unlock and not seeing. Let us know so we can help! Thanks, Kira
Christine S
sorry I  didnt have time to answer, I did get in thank you, there was definitely an issue but its ok now, thank you

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Glad to hear it, Christine! Happy practicing, Ashley from Yoga Anytime :)
Caroline G
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This challenge made my 7 days so blissful! Thank you Lydia
Lydia Zamorano
Caroline So good to hear! 
Glenford N
Thanks Lydia. A beautiful practice to relax another hectic day. Namaste 
Carol Y
Hi I’m a subscriber and am following this challenge. I get emails on my IPhone but watch the videos mostly on my Itablet. The two are not connected for this site, which is frustrating when I want to view a suggestion from an email and have to sign in and search for the recommended video. I joined this challenge and receive links each day asking me to subscribe, but then video is lost on my tablet. Is there anyway to fix this?
Oh I love the site and the challenges by the way
Hi Carol! Somehow I missed your comment,  my apologies! 
When you're accessing your Yoga Anytime membership from multiple devices, the easiest way to do what you asked is to add it to your queue. 
On a specific class video page, like one you want to watch on your tablet, click on the " + Queue" button to add it.
You can view all your queued classes by choosing "My Queue" from the dropdown menu under your name (top right corner).
Also, any current shows or challenges you're practicing will be on the homepage under Keep Watching. 

I've noted your suggestion to share with the team, and I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to me in a private message if you have other questions.
Warmly, Ashley from Yoga Anytime :)
Bridgid M
I'm excited to begin my first challenge! 
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