Kundalini Rising Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Kriya for the Lymph Glands

45 min - Practice


Open yourself up to radiant health. Aimee guides a practice that helps us connect to our lymph glands or the guardians of health. We clear the toxins and find a new sense of vibrancy.

Please see attached mantra sheets to practice along with Aimee. We also work with the mantra: Har Guru Siri Guru Wahe Guru.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Such an effective way to begin one’s day...I’m feeling refreshed and ready to step out into the world with that kundalini “glow” 🌟
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I accidentally Selected  this video while wanting an appropriate video for my  first day back after over a year of no yoga anytime.  And wouldn’t you know  it this is the perfect video for me.   I’m undergoing antibiotic therapy for a stubborn infection which became systemic.   The universe again shows me it has my back      Thanks Kirya and yoga anytime 
What a positive coincidence, Chuck! Glad to hear that Aimee's class is helping you out, and wishing you health and continued recovery. I hope you feel better soon, we're here for you!

Warm wishes,
Ashley from Yoga Anytime
Very effective! Thank you so much!
Absolutely love your instruction! This class was fantastic! Thank you!!!
great class!>> very powerful! I want to see more kundalini episodes please!!

Wonderful class. I felt challenged, refreshed, and invigorated. Many thanks.
Awesome class, I feel soooo good! I really hope there will be another season of this show sometimes soon!
Great practice, thank you

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