Yoga for Anxiety Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Arriving Here and Now

25 min - Practice


With the intention of replenishing our energy, Jillian shares an energizing and uplifting practice to help us fully arrive here and now. You will feel a new sense of energy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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Iā€™m really loving these practices. Your calm voice and attention to detail draw my mind inward to a place of peace and calm. Thank you Jillian šŸ™šŸ»
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Thank you Jenny for practicing here with me. I'm so glad you are enjoying the practices. Namaste.
That was amazing for my anxiety - thank you so much! I was struggling with shallow breath and not being able to be still - now I feel much calmer and am able to breathe xoxo
@SylverĀ Thank you so much for practicing. I am really glad that it helped to deepen your breath and allow you to calm and grow more still. May you return to calm again and again.Ā  love jillianĀ 
Thank you so much for these wonderful practices, Jillian! ItĀ“s my rescue currently! Love & blessings, Margit
MargitĀ Thank you for practicing here with me. I'm so glad that it's serving you! May you be well. With love jillian
This class really helped with my anxiety.
RoslynĀ I am so happy to know that the practice has been helpful to you. May you continue to return to your breath and the ground over and over again. JillianĀ 
Adore this series. Feels genius. Genuinely x
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Amanda PĀ ... I'm so glad you are experiencing the depth of these simple, supportive, and easeful practices. And the secret ingredient is your own willingness to practice 'kindfully'.... thank you for practicing. With love jillian.

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