Yoga for Grief Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 17

Metta Meditation

10 min - Practice


Michelle guides us through a metta meditation, or loving-kindness meditation, to call in safety, protection, peace, ease, and kindness.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome back. This is a practice of meta meditation and meta is usually translated as loving kindness. This meditation incorporates short phrases of affirmation that we can say aloud or to ourselves. I'll give you those phrases they're very specific. I'll guide you through that part and there are many layers to how we use these phrases. We might send it out, send that wish or that invitation energy out in various ways. In today's practice we are going to gift that meta, that loving kindness back to ourselves. So that will be our practice. Let's take a moment to settle, find the comfortable seat which might be on the floor, in a chair, on support, and physically orient. You might look around, feel your base, find an upright, easeful posture, and take a moment to tune into your breath. So you can practice this with eyes closed or opened, whatever works for you. The first phrase that you can say to yourself is, may I be safe and protected. It doesn't have to be in any particular rhythm with the breath. Just saying a couple of times in a gentle pace, may I be safe and protected. May I be safe and protected. And this is not, this includes, it's not only safe and protected in the physical sense, but may I be safe in my mind. May I be safe with my own thoughts, protected in my heart, in my sense of being, sense of boundary. May I be safe and protected. Our second phrase, may I be peaceful, may I be peaceful. And repeating that a couple of times to yourself, may I be peaceful, may I be peaceful. May I be peaceful.

And the last phrase we'll use is, may I live with ease and kindness. May I live with ease and kindness. A couple of times, may I live with ease and kindness. May I live with ease and kindness. And now we'll pull those three phrases together, saying them consecutively, one after the other, in an easy rhythm. So starting with, may I be safe and protected. May I be peaceful. May I live with ease and kindness. May I be safe and protected. May I be peaceful. May I live with ease and kindness. May I be safe and protected. May I be peaceful. May I live with ease and kindness. Go ahead and repeat these phrases a few cycles for yourself. And if these words aren't quite resonating or other words are coming up naturally, feel free to use your words instead. Sitting with comfort in your body, freedom in your breath, repeating the phrases, may I. Come to a sense of completion with the phrases. Let the words go. And let's just sit for a moment with what's left, with what's here in the resonance of those words and that offering to ourselves. So as we close this meditation practice, these are phrases that you can take with you using any words. You can use them in the car, on the street, as you fall asleep. May you, my friend, be safe and protected. May you be peaceful. And may you live with ease and kindness.


Noa Vered Terry
Sibylle M
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Thank you! That touched my heart 💞
Michelle Marlahan
I'm so glad it touched you. Thank you for practicing!
Emily S
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I loved the phrases, especially, "May you live with ease and kindness." I discovered a lot of resistance within me to the concept of "living at ease," so thank you for helping me bring that to light :)
Michelle Marlahan
Aw, yes. Resistance is such a wise teacher! Thank you for listening to her. And for connecting. May you be well
Kate M
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A beautiful prayer. Today I let it float to my mom who may be nearing the time of her passage. As I cannot be physically present to her, I can hold her in this prayer. Love.
Michelle Marlahan
Holding you close and sending this metta to your mom as she nears the threshold. Thank you for letting us be with you in this. So much love.
Robin J
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This was a lovely meditation thank you
Michelle Marlahan
You are welcome,  Robin. May you be well.
Clara P
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thank you
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