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Season 1 - Episode 2

Breathe Easy

10 min - Practice
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Zoe demonstrates a simple restorative posture to increase breathing room and ease in the body. We allow the mantra of "so ham" to give the mind a place to rest.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block

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Feb 11, 2015
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Hi everybody so we all know that yoga looks like a lot of postures where you put your body into maybe crazy shapes but basically I'm gonna show you a little bit of yoga that is equivalent to doing nothing and yet with this nothing that you're doing you're going to enjoy a lot more space and a lot more relaxation so all it's gonna take is about 10 minutes and what we're gonna do is we're gonna grab our yoga bolster you're gonna put it horizontally across your mat and then just in case we're gonna put a block right here for your head to land on if you find that you don't need it you can always remove it so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna sit on down extend your legs and then we're gonna shimmy down and to make sure that the bolster hits right where your shoulder blades are so your shoulder blades would be if you move your arm around a little bit you'll feel a little bit of a sharp jettie bone and the bottom of the shoulder blades and that little area or what the ladies called a bra line you want that to be across the bolster so we're just going to make her way to getting onto the bolster and just feeling your upper chest fully supported so this block is actually really blissful to have right here it's making it really easy for those of you whose neck and shoulders are actually less tense than mine you can actually remove the bolster but I'll keep it here for now I mean the block and then we're gonna inhale and slowly bring the arms up overhead and exhaling just rest the arms down then you're gonna notice if in your armpits and behind your shoulders you feel any tension if you do we're just gonna shimmy a little bit and maybe even if your pelvis doesn't feel too good again we shimmy a little bit so what we're aiming for is a feeling as if all parts of you are quite even and then just as promised we don't have to do anything here except to just close our eyes and then allow ourselves to just relax and yield into this very passive yoga posture so you're gonna notice your breath and in fact for those of you if the arms overhead just feels way too unnatural you can just bring your arms out to the sides or if you like right on your belly so we're just going to notice the breath and how it's moving within our bodies a lot of the time you're gonna feel like you need to artificially manipulate your breath but instead of doing that we're just gonna be quite curious so we're going to just follow the movement of our natural breath and if at first it's a little bit fidgety we're not going to worry about it because the breath as always is just going to come back and do its natural thing and then as we settle into the breath notice the inhale the inhalations and the exhalations and with your in breath we're going to sound internally so and with your out breath we're gonna sound hum so so hum so hum and allowing the so hum to let your breath just naturally become equivalent in yoga we call it sama retreat which is equal breath so so hum so hum and just following your own rhythm for the next couple of minutes and again if it's comfortable for you and you feel quite settled in your breath you can slowly allow the arms to fall to the sides or just gently walk the fingertips back so whatever feels the best for your body right now and just allowing that rhythm of the so hum so hum to be like a soothing wave that you ride on breathing in breathing out breathing in breathing out and as we're sounding the breath we're also allowing our attention to just drop in gently upon any changes that might be happening in the body right now so as you continue to feel the rhythm of the so hum also feel your toes your legs your pelvis your spine your shoulders your arms just simply allow yourself to feel those very subtle and wrappings of the envelope of the body so within the body it's almost like we're just allowing the breath to help us to blossom so just paddle by paddle each part of the body each organ every little place where you're feeling a little tension allow the rhythm of so hum so hum to just be invited into those areas and to gently unfurl so just getting you to follow your breath and to follow the little little changes that are happening for the next minute it's almost like there's an internal dance going on so just see if your breath that's dancing within you see if you can follow the rhythm and then for those of you who have your arms overhead you can soften the elbows and gently bring the elbows back to its shoulder height and then gently bring the arms back next to your side and then allowing the eyes to open softly just notice how those few minutes of doing very little gave you a lot more space within and then just cherishing this little bit of piece that we just found we're just gonna bend the knees roll over to the right and taking our time slowly come back to a seated position so I hope that you will carry that space that we just created together within you into your day and I hope you enjoyed how doing very little gave you a lot namaste


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