The Zoe and Coco Show Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Yoga Wonderfulness

25 min - Practice


Zoe and Coco share a sweet and easy sequence to start or end your day. We begin over a bolster to open the heart and connect with the breath. We then flow towards a groovy lunge pattern to open and increase space for gratitude and clarity. You will feel open and refreshed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block (2)

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Feb 11, 2015
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Thank you....a perfect practice for today.
Coco is adorable--I wish my dog was such a good yoga friend! (Mine always wants to "help" in not such a helpful way...)
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Hi Lizzy! So good to know you had a good practice with us :) I told Coco you said she's a good yoga helper - although she does always seem to sneak onto my mat when I'm attempting inversions at the wall... it makes landing that much more fun ;) xo
Us doing restorative recently... she does enhance the mood :D
Thank you, Zoe and Coco; that practice brought me so much space and cheerfulness!

I once tried to practice with Luke, my Jack Russell Terrier, but he thought that savasana was a good opportunity to stand on my hair to prevent escape, then slobber onto my face, which somewhat contributed to the joy but distracted from the restfulness! Thank you both for modeling such excellent yogi-canine cooperation!
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Hi Emma,

Ah so lovely to hear how you felt space and cheerfulness :D! Luke's savasana kisses sound hilarious, Coco likes to give kisses during my practice too :). And thanks for coining the term "yogi-canine cooperation" that was such a good laugh for me! May we all practice excellent "yogi-canine cooperation"! xo Zoe
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Thank you - I did this with my Mom this evening (this is Alice) - was a great way to end the day. Hi Coco!
Hi Alice and @Julia!! Hi from Coco too :) Look forward to seeing you again soon at UHE! xoxo
My toy poodle and me loved your practice, he does downward dog really well ;) Thanks
Hi Helen J 💖 How wonderful that you and your toy poodle practiced with us. And that he does a good Downdog 😍What’s his name?  Pet pics are always welcome! Here’s Coco lately...
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