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Season 1 - Episode 2

What Is Grief?

5 min - Talk


All loss is valid and it is all different Michelle talks about five ways that grief can affect us—emotionally, physically, mentally, behaviorally, and spiritually.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 04, 2019
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Bridgid M
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A wonderful enlightenment to inner chaos! Thank You Michelle
Michelle Marlahan
Shining a light in all the corners! I'm glad it helped.
Jason S
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I really appreciate this overview. So much of it resonates. Looking forward to continuing the series. 
Louise O
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"...and then there are losses that completely dismantle our lives." This statement and the holistic description that follows does such a beautiful job describing the how/why that one's grief process can be experienced as such a state of overwhelm and confusion, almost paralysis.  Thank you! 
Michelle Marlahan
You're welcome! It's so important to keep having these conversations so we can all understand the possibilities under this umbrella we call "grief." Thank you for watching
Michelle Marlahan
Exactly. It's no exaggeration with these types of losses to say, "shattered," "torn apart," or in ruins." The world as we knew it truly is gone.
Sibylle M
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What a beautiful to the point description! Thank you so much, Michelle! 🙏 I started watching thinking “well, actually I feel ok, today, I’m not even sure I need a focus on grieving right now”, then as I listened to you, I realised that of course there is the massive grief going on that has to do with the world situation we are living in during this corona pandemic and that had become normality for a moment - but it’s there. I’m not done with it. (Who is?) I suddenly felt relief to be able to lean into that and allow myself to grieve for this. In addition to the more personal losses that occurred recently. You create such a warm, welcoming space. I feel truly grateful! ❤️
Michelle Marlahan
Oh my gosh, yes. Reading this brought tears to my eyes, which is the essence of what you're saying. There is massive communal grief right now. And we get these small invitations into feeling that...portals where we feel safe to open ourselves to it. I love how we make this possible for each other -- you watching the videos and leaving a comment sends an invitation back to me. Thank you for that

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