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Season 1 - Episode 2

Tips for Success

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Sukhdev offers tips for a wildly successful 7-day Kundalini challenge, including showing up, creating your challenge space, being firm but gentle with yourself, and inviting a friend to help you stay accountable!
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Mar 19, 2020
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Here are five tips for a wildly successful vitality reboot challenge. Okay, number one, show up, commit. 90% of any success in life is just based on showing up. You got to put yourself into it. Commitment leads to satisfaction and it leads to happiness.

It is scientifically proven, okay? So just show up. Number two, create your space. Create your space, whether it's an altar, something sacred that you want to lay out, an intention, journal about it, put your yoga mat out, have everything ready so you're creating and setting yourself up for success. Number three, be gentle but firm.

You want to really give yourself this opportunity to challenge yourself. So there comes the firmness, right? But then you also want to be gentle if you're sore, if you're a little sluggish from the previous day, that's okay. Still honor number one, show up for your commitment and do what you can. Be gentle with yourself.

You'll do what you can. You'll modify postures when you need to but you'll show up with enthusiasm and courage every single day. And number five, do it with a friend, get your family involved. An accountability partner is a wonderful way to set yourself up for success. So share it, do it in community, do it as a group or do it by yourself but have somebody that you can be accountable to.

All right, this will set you up for a great success for our Vitality Reboot Spring Challenge. Let's get going. I'll see you there.


M Angela C
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So excited to see this today!  Thank you Universe! Thank you Sukhdev. Thank you Yoga Anytime community.
Kira Sloane
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M Angela, so glad you are here. xok
Jacqueline L
I’ve been wanting to practice kundalini yoga for some time now but I thought I had to commit to a lot more in order to succeed ... this is exactly the program I needed to get me started Very invigorating Thank you Sukhdev 😊

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