Move to Meditate Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 9

Tree Flow

40 min - Practice


Radiate outward from the central channel of the body, finding physical and energetic strength and balance through Tree Pose, Handstand, and Headstand. We settle into a final mediation and 3-part breath practice. You will feel stable and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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Thank you Nuria!  I really enjoyed this sequence and each build.  The build upward into tree really helped me to experience from the ground up as well as tapping into the central channel.   The meditation at the end was the beautiful accompaniment to what came before.   Your quotation of growing from the inside out resonated with me today  on the mat and I hope off the mat too. 🙏 
So appreciate your creative flows! Great incorporations of various asanas flowing into each other guided by your calm encouraging voice.
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Christel, hello dear one! This is a sweet class - I loved getting creative with all the "tree" concepts! Thanks for appreciating it. 
M Angela This great feedback, thank you! It's all about the central channel where live feeds us from the inside out. I hope this did stay with you all day. x
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Such a great practice!! It went by so fast, talk about getting lost in the flow. Thank you!!!
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My first 2/3 class and I loved it. I’m usually on 2, and was hesitant to move up, but so glad I did. Thank you so much.❤️
Laura M Yessss, it's a speedier flow, so happy you enjoyed it. 
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Tonia T Celebrating you for jumping into a 2/3! Well done dear one. 

Thanks a lot Nuria, your lesson has been very relixing and inspiring. For the first time I succed in doing Shirsasana: your explanation is very clear and i felt relaxed and stable while previously I felt unsure.  Thanks to you,  Thanks a lot! 

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