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Move to Meditate

Movement practices to find ease in the body in preparation for guided meditations.

Season 1 - Julian Walker

With mindful awareness on the breath and the sensations in the body, Julian carefully guides us through a series of dynamic movement practices before finding a comfortable seat for guided meditation. You will feel aware, open, and at peace.

Season 2 - Lydia Zamorano

In Season 2, Lydia Zamorano will explore short and targeted movement practices to prepare us to sit with ease and spaciousness. After we target the sticky spots, we will sit for meditations ranging from three to ten minutes. You will feel grounded, calm, and aware.

Season 3 - Bex Urban

This season, Bex shares a variety of practices to open the body and the mind. We focus on opening the shoulders, hips, and front, back, and side body to allow more ease in the progressive seated meditations that will follow each movement practice. Be open to the freedom that is created from dedicating this time to yourself.

Season 4 - Nuria Reed

This season we flow through 30 minute dynamic vinyasa practices designed to open the body and quiet the mind. We will then explore stillness during 7-10 minute seated meditations. See you on the mat, and then on the cushion.

Season 5 - Margi Young

In Season 5, we move just enough so we can sit in stillness and return to center. We make space in the body, build strength for a steady foundation, challenge the balance, and follow our inner GPS, restoring precious energy. Together we breathe and move towards a still mind, a strong, open body, and greater capacity for joy, ease, and kindness towards ourselves and others.

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