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Season 2 - Episode 2

Chair Pose

5 min - Tutorial
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We look at variations of Utkatasana (Chair Pose), with the help of Juna, Sarah, and Matt.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Feb 01, 2015
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Welcome, thank you Sarah and Juna and Matt for being here. So we're gonna take a look at Utkatasana, a super sweet fiery grounding posture that builds heat quite quickly. So I'll ask that the three of you just simply find your version of Utkatasana and as our friends are giving us the benefit of being able to watch their practice, notice what each of them does differently. So please notice that Matt has chosen to look up. Juna is looking down and Sarah is looking forward. Notice that Sarah has placed her feet together and both Juna and Matt have separated their legs. Okay not much longer now last piece just notice what Matt has done with his elbows versus Sarah versus Juna. Okay all of you at ease please Utkatasana, forward fold. Beautiful. What we'll do now is we'll allow ourselves to just take a little bit more detailed look at the posture and Sarah and Juna have agreed to share some variety so that you can find the posture that works for you. So Matt you can stay in Utkatasana or feel welcome to find child's pose or something more comfortable. Juna and Sarah if you guys would just simply roll on up. Beautiful. So first just notice that you know how they've chosen to have their feet. So generally and it's not always true but generally feet wider hip distance tends to feel more grounding. Generally feet together it feels more focusing more sense of accuracy fire. Okay and then as you two are ready you'll find your knees bent and you'll let your arms lift. So now just take a moment like just notice how you can see the angle of their back. So both of them you know have a really nice lumbar curve you can see it a little bit more in Sarah here potentially. Just both of you just see what happens when you let a little ha happen and you let your sit bones drop a little bit. Nice. And then notice I'm gonna ask Sarah to just bend her elbows a little bit and so her shoulders can roll back and down and then reach up with enthusiasm. Yes. Let your heart brighten let your gaze come up and Juna will show that if you let your elbows bend a lot sometimes we call that cactus pose. You can really let your shoulders roll back and down. Beautiful and that allows a little bit of a ha and then sometimes that less just a little bit more space in the neck. Okay a couple more moments. So both of these are Utkatasana. The play is to find the one that works for you today. Thanks friends. Uttanasana take a break. Uttanasana suddenly feels really good after Uttanasana. So find out what works for you. Again we're just in an exploration here. The purpose of this show and and the purpose of this play is to find out what's working now today for you.


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