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Sarah welcomes us to Season 1 of Soulful Flow. Together we will stay rooted in our practice as we draw on the elements of Nature in these earthy, watery, and fiery flows. These 60-minute sequences are designed to help you feel grounded, fluid, expansive, supported, and Soulful.

All episodes were originally broadcast live from Sarah's home studio in Joshua Tree, California.

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May 19, 2020
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Welcome to season one of Soulful Flow on Yoga Anytime Live. I'm Sarah Beston and I'm so excited to be gathering weekly virtually at 10.30am Pacific Time on Fundings. We'll be broadcasting to you live here from my studio in Joshua Tree, California. I'm here in Joshua Tree, hopefully you can see some of the nature out my window. We're going to stay rooted and grounded in our practice together as we draw on the elements of nature and move through 60 minute flow practices that are grounding, fluid, expansive, supportive, and soulful.

I so look forward to practicing with you. See you live. Namaste. Hope you're all staying healthy and safe.


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