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Season 2 - Episode 6

Centered in the Heart with Emily

60 min - Practice


Our practice has its root in its connection to others. Join Kira’s guest, Emily, for this sweet practice as we stay centered in the heart helping us find inner steadiness in discomfort. We begin with a blissful mantra with Emily accompanying on the harmonium. Then we move through heating sun salutes and standing poses, challenge our steadiness in balance poses, and melt into nourishing supine twists. We close with a mantra on freedom and peace for all.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jun 20, 2020
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Hi Emily! I always love your Bhakti-infused practices and your sweet cheeriness...the world sure does need more of that right now. I entered the practice feeling quite worn out mentally and physically but the asanas and chanting set me right, as they always do. Blessings to you and thank you!
Jenny Thank you for practicing with me, and us. It means so much to me that we can all come together right now and practice together. It's so healing. Thank you for being a part of this amazing community!
Thank you very much, Emily, for this beautiful and calming practice! You've made my day better with it! Namaste! ❤️💜💗💝
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Sandra Židan That is so lovely to hear! Thank you so much for practicing with us!
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Emily, so related to your Juneteenth comments. I had a tense day (7 hours driving and stuck in some Holland tunnel traffic in NYC), and I had KOMA (knowledge of missing out) with a fun bike club morning ride I could only read about on WhatsApp. So dropping into this class was a perfect way to enter the collective (or mettaverse) and feel ananda. Thanks to Jenny for pushing me to look up Bhati. This felt like a college dorm hangout. Your laughter is infectious and allowed me to experience my own travails with the more difficult asanas. Such a great way to fire up the mirror neurons.  I will look up your online community. Namaste, David 
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David G- Thank you for practicing with us!!! Great to have you here!

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