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Season 2 - Episode 8

Strong and Steady with Rosemary

60 min - Practice


Cultivate strength as well as joy in this energizing hip-focused practice. We begin with a fluid standing flow, move into deep hip opening, explore wraps and longs holds, and then bring all that warmth and energy into the heart with back bending, before we close with a sweet restorative pose. You’ll feel refreshed and ready for a new day.
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Jul 13, 2020
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Hi friends, so good to see you this morning. Welcome to the Kieran Friend Show. We have a super special guest again, Rosemary Garrison is coming back to join us for this season and super exciting news. She will be launching her newest show on Monday mornings, 10 30 a.m. dynamic flow for eight weeks. She will be starting this Monday, July 13th at 10 30 a.m.

Let's go say hi to Rosemary Garrison now. Welcome everyone. So grateful you're here. Really excited to share this practice with you and thank you so much Kiera and the whole team at Yoga Anytime. Y'all are fabulous.

Oh, I totally agree that this team is fabulous. In fact, just to just to like pull that relay bar and just give a shout out to Julie and Jeff right now who are here hosting us and making sure everything goes great. So Rosemary, I'm not sure about you, but I know for me I'm experiencing an immense amount of overwhelm right now. I'm not sure always what to do with myself and I would love to hear from you what maybe if you are experiencing that and any anything you can tell us about what you're doing to manage it. Yeah, I'm right there with you definitely experiencing it.

The list is long. Let's see. Highlights are nature and friends even if it's not in person and always of course yoga and meditation but I'm really loving pranayama lately that seems to clear it out more than anything and then you know ice cream, wine, therapy, all that good stuff. Yeah. Wait, did I ask you this before what your favorite ice cream flavor is?

Tell me, remind me again. Yeah, you did. At the time I think it was cookies and cream and now it's like a chocolate fudge peanut buttery thing. Oh, that sounds so good. I'm on a double dutch chocolate situation and Tate's cookies.

So good, so good. So then you know on that thank you all of those things are definitely on my list and agreed like pranayama has been really surprisingly helpful and then what do you find yourself what do you find yourself longing the most for right now in these times? Yeah, there's the obvious the tangible of just like wrapping my arms around the people I love and then there's that kind of abstract quality. I'm just so longing to like move through the world with ease and how the people around me in a place of ease, that tension and anxiety that we're all feeling everywhere to let that go. Yeah.

Yeah, thank you. Thank you for putting that into words so beautifully. Yeah. Tell us a little bit about our practice with you today. I know for one, I am so looking forward to practicing with you.

Thank you. Yeah, really in response to everything we're all feeling, I hope this practice will help. It's about finding strength and balance and like an internal equanimity and source regardless of what's rising and falling. So some strength and balance. Oh, wonderful.

Thank you so much again, Rosemary for being here with us. Like you're it, it's all you. Thank you so much.


All right, everyone, let's begin in a comfortable seat and that can be anything that feels good in your body, right? Support the symptoms if you'd like modify, change it up and then just let the hands rest where they're comfortable, a soft gaze or eyes closed.

Let's begin by kind of feeling into the natural rhythm of the breath. And then like allowing the breath to expand so there's no effort at all, it's just kind of an invitation. Yeah, and this visual has been coming up for me lately as I seek that center we're all looking for, like right around the solar plexus or the center of the torso. We all find it in slightly different places. Imagine that's where the breath is beginning, originating and returning.

So the inhale like expands out from that center and the exhale empties out and returns to that center. Just a few more moments of stillness, contacting the breath and finding that internal source, whatever it means to you. Let's take the hands to prayer at the heart center and open together with a gentle own. Exhale empty, all the breath out and then together through the nose, a really big inhale. And if you want to add to any personal intention, right down into that center, into that source, feel into that now.

Good, and as you're ready, just gently letting the eyes open, lifting the gaze, let's take a big inhale and reach the arms out and up. And then with your exhale, swing your right elbow underneath your left and interlace the forearms. You can make the backs of the hands or the palms to touch. And then a really big inhale, let the arms rise, lift the heart. And as you exhale, let the back round and curl in, belly back towards the spine, elbows draw towards that center point.

Again, inhale, let it rise, offer the heart up. And then exhale, curl it in, again, inhale, rising and exhale, curling in. This time, as you inhale, unravel the arms, reach them all the way up again, shoulder soft. And with your exhale, left elbow under, interlace, backs of the hands or palms touch. Big inhale, lift, lift, lift through the heart.

And as you exhale, round and curl in, draw the elbows towards the solar plexus, center of energy, inhale, rise up. And exhale, round and curl in, once again, inhaling, rise. Exhale round, breathe across, mid and upper back, back of shoulders. And then inhale, unravel the arms, reach them all the way up. And with your exhale, go ahead and rock forward.

Let's come up onto the hands and the knees, winding the legs, root down through a base of thumb and first finger, and just a little more warming through the spine, simple cat-cow. As you inhale, lifting, tailbone, heart gave. And as you exhale, round the back, draw the belly to the spine, release the weight of the head, soft through that neck, two more, inhale, tailbone, heart gave. And as you exhale, round belly to spine, let the head go, last one, big inhale, offer it up, and exhale, round, draw belly to spine, inhale, come on back to a neutral spine, keep rooting down through the hands, tuck the toes, and exhale, let's lift it up and back, downward facing down. Adho mukha, swanav, swanav, three, four, five breaths here, take your time, easing into the backs of the leg, handling through the feet, letting the hips ease a little side to side, just kind of check it out, what's here, what's going on in the body in this moment, yeah, and then just take a breath to find stillness in your down-down, and with the next inhale, let's roll it forward into plank pose and pause, okay, beautiful place to feel the center line of energy.

So we're going to just hover here, three, four, five breaths, energy out through soles of feet, through the heart, through the crown, and kind of gather that energy in towards the midline, feel the strength of your own center, give it one more breath, stay for an inhale, and with your exhale, we're coming all the way down, knees first or chaturanga style. Then we're going to take three cobras, you can keep the hands where they are, you can reach them out and forward a little bit, as you're ready, inhale, lift up, shoulders down the back, and exhale, now back to the earth, two more, inhale to rise, exhale to release, and of course you just come as high as serves your body, inhale, rise, and exhale all the way back to the earth. If you've shifted the hands, take them alongside the rib cage again, inhale, press up, hands and knees, and then tuck the toes and exhale, just go all the way back, downward facing dog, through the nose, really big inhale, and let's open the mouth, exhale, let it go. All right, keep grounding through your hands, inhale, reach right leg to the sky, and then with your exhale, go ahead and open the hip, bend the knee a couple of breaths here, just kind of easing in the outer right hip, warming through the back of the left leg, and then inhale, reach it straight up, with your exhale, take the right knee outside of your right elbow, pull the belly to the spine, all the breath out, inhale, let's reach it up again, and then with the exhale, step the right foot forward between the hands, simple twist, left hand grounding, inhale, reach, right arm up, spiral the spine, draw the shoulder blades down the back, lift and open through the heart, a couple more breaths here, yeah, let's stay for a big inhale, and then with your exhale, release right hand to the earth, go ahead and lower the back knee, rising into a low lunge, feel the foundation, and then inhale, float it up, exhale, ease the hips a little bit deeper, breathe in the left hip flexors. All right, we're going to keep the foundation, take a big inhale, and then exhale, just draw the arms out to the side, cactus shape, bending at the elbows, and imagine the back of the heart, moving up and through and out the front of the heart, warming and opening through the thoracic spine, one more breath, and then inhale, long spine, reach the arms up back to that center line, exhale, release, hands to the earth, draw the hips straight back, lengthen your right leg, artha, hanumanasana, inhale to extend, and exhale, just deepen into the fold, yeah, we'll give this a few breaths, just warming slowly, easing in, yeah, see what's there, another breath, explore within it a little, okay, as you're ready, inhale, come forward again, bending the front knee, tuck the back toes, lift the back knee on the exhale, and then inhale, let's sweep, right leg back to the sky, exhale, open the hip again, bending the knee, inhale, reach it up, and then with the exhale, right knee outside, right elbow again, strong through the center, inhale, right, and with the exhale, up, right foot forward, coming into a high lunge this time, press through the feet, inhale, floating it up, exhale, sink through the sit bones, drop the tailbone, lift the belly, breathe into left hip flexors, excellent, keep that stability and balance, big inhale, exhale, press the palms and release the fingers, just releasing index finger, then big inhale, let the heart row, and exhale ease about halfway forward and hover, feel the strength, hug it all in towards the midline, of course welcome to stay right here or float up, warrior three, shifting the arms if you prefer, any variation, breathe into that, let everything rise and fall within you, around you, keep coming back to your breath, three, two, standing splits, hands to the earth, sail left leg to the sky, and it's up to you, you can keep the hips neutral or you can let them open, it's whatever you want this morning, hands on the earth or take hold of standing ankle, challenge that balance, right, just let it be a practice, you wobble, you fall, you come back, three, two, all right, if you move the hands, take them back to the earth, this is slow, so you're moving from strength rather than momentum, to bend the right knee, the left leg is reaching back, hover, hover, hover, big inhale, and then the exhale, left foot all the way to the back of the mat, with your inhale right leg goes back to the sky, exhale open the hip, bend the knee, inhale let it rise again, and exhale downward facing, pause there or inhale forward to plank, exhale to lower, inhale heart rising, exhale all the way back, downward facing dog, big inhale through the nose, and open the mouth flat, and all go, right, second side, inhale left leg rising, exhale opening the hip, bending the knee, breathe into that for a moment, outer left hip, back of right leg, and then inhale reach, with your exhale left knee outside, left elbow, all the breath out, belly to spine, inhale take it back up, and then exhale step left foot forward, simple twist, rounding the right hand, inhale reach, left arm open, draw the shoulders down the back, reach the heart to the sky, bring it all out, now one more breath, then with your exhale release, left hand down to the earth, lowering the back knee, low lunge, let the inhale float you up, as you exhale ease the hips forward a little bit more, breathe into those right hip flexors, straight space, and then keep the foundation, big inhale, exhale draw the arms out to the sides, bending at the elbows, that same lift of the back of the heart up and through, yeah offer it, one more breath, and back to that center line, inhale spine is tall, arms go straight up, and exhale release, hands to the earth, draw the hips back, Ardha Hanumanasana, once you've found it inhale extend through the heart, and exhale deepen into the fold, a few breaths here, just easing in, as your knees are ready, slowly on inhale just come forward, bend the front knee, exhale tuck the back toes, lift the back knee, with your inhale take your left leg back to the sky, and as you exhale open the hip, bend the knee, inhale to rise, exhale left knee outside, left elbow again, build the strength, inhale go back up, exhale step, left foot forward, build a foundation from your center, inhale high lunge, press and pull, exhale sit a little deeper drop tailbone lift, belly breathe in the right hip flexors, yes big inhale, exhale press the palms, interlace just release the index fingers, inhale let the heart float up, and then exhale ease about halfway forward, pausing here, hug it in to the center line, to your own internal center, feeling that source of strength and support, then inhale warrior three, shift the arms if you'd like, any variation, play with it, fall out of it, just keep coming back, press through the back heel, reach through the heart, breathe three, two, and then standing split, hands to the earth, sail that right leg to the sky, hips neutral or open, your preference, and if you want to play with the balance, hands holding left ankle, or maybe hands to prayer at the heart, few breaths, wobble around, good, just being with the lack of steadiness, being with the uncertainty within us, around us, and coming back to the breath, yep as you're ready release hands root on the earth, it's slow transitioning with strength, use that left leg very slowly, inhale bending bending bending as the right leg reaches back, and then exhale, float it all the way back, nice long lunge, inhale to reach, left leg to the sky, exhale open the hip one more time, inhale reach and exhale release, downward facing dog, you're welcome to stay here, or inhale forward into plank, exhale to lower, inhale cobra or up dog, and exhale all the way back, downward facing dog, really strong work, take a moment here, gathering the energy, enjoying the breath, and then slowly on the inhale, simply walking the feet forward to the front of the mat, and as you arrive easy fold for a few breaths, just kind of let it go, gently bending your knees, hands fall or hold elbows, soft through the neck, and then gradually release any bind you might have, keep the soft bend in the knees, the head heavy, and slowly with your inhale, let's roll all the way up, stand, as you arrive exhale at the shoulders, ease down back and let it all go, shake it out a little bit, good, feet together, hands to prayer heart center, drop tailbone, lift deep belly, just a big inhale together, and a steady exhale, all right, inhale to reach, out and up, with the exhale just fold forward, with your inhale come right back up, rising, and exhale bowing, fold right back down, a couple more, inhale all the way up, exhale float out and down, synchronizing breath and body, again, inhale rise, exhale bow, last one, inhale rise all the way up, as you exhale draw the hands, draw the energy to heart center, and then bending the knees, inhale utkatasana, palms open or press, gazing to the earth, the horizon or to the sky, whatever feels best in your neck, your body, we're gonna stay here, four or five more breaths, be really kind to your knees, just very slowly explore sitting a little deeper, the legs are obviously engaged, so are the glute muscles, hug it in, use that strength, three, two, all right, press through the feet, inhale all the way up, then drop the tailbone, exhale open arms, open the heart, off breath, inhale rise, exhale bow, let's return to the fold, just really halfway inhale, just hold, exhale we're coming back into it, bend the knees, inhale utkatasana, and keep the foundation, exhale hands to the heart, really playing with the balance and sustaining that strength through the center, keep rooting through your right foot, pick up the left, wrap it around, darvadasana, eagle, pause, all right, take a breath here, keep what you've got, you can even move to the wall if you want that support, or add the arms, inhale reach, and exhale take right elbow on your left and inner lace, you might stay here, you might curl in, feel that center of energy supporting you, feel the breath emanating from and returning to the center of three, two, all right, remember your warrior three, we're coming back to it, as you're ready inhale unravel the arms, and as you exhale unravel the legs, arms go forward out to the side, or straight back, three, three, two, high lunge, bend the right knee, we're moving again with that same strength and control, float the left foot all the way back, take a big inhale, reach the arms straight up, exhale sit bones move towards the earth, yes, big inhale and then exhale let's just open up warrior two, darvadasana, settle in, take a couple breaths here, yeah, and then inhale lengthen the right leg and exhale reach, hold them down, triangle pose, any placement of the right hand, reach left arm to the sky, so find a little through that left rib cage, maybe find a little space to the right rib cage, yeah, couple breaths, all right, gonna add a little neck release, so with your exhale wrap your left arm behind your back, you might find the hip crease, low back sacrum, doesn't matter, keep both legs strong and then gently ease the right ear down towards the right shoulder, yeah, go slowly and then just kind of explore what's happening in the left side of the mat, do you want to draw chin to chest or chin down towards the shoulder a little bit, yeah, so much of us carry so much of this overwhelm in the neck, jaw, shoulders, I'm just inviting the release, couple more breaths, okay, and before we transition draw the head back to neutral so the neck is following the length of the spine and then press through the feet, lift through your center, inhale just float it back up into your warrior two and exhale, settle, good, steady and strong, big inhale and with your exhale hands to the earth, step back into plank and lower knees or chaturanga dasana, inhale to cobra or up dog and exhale all the way back downward facing dog, take a couple breaths here and then at the bottom of your next exhale soft bend in the knees, up or step to the front of the mat, as you arrive inhale just halfway and exhale return to the fold, here we go, second side, bending the knees, inhale rise, utkatasana, keep the foundation, exhale hands to the heart, steady your gaze, root down through that left foot, strong left leg, pick up the right and wrap it around, keep this, find the wall if you want it or adding the arms, inhale extend and exhale, swing that left elbow under and fold steady here or curling in, drawing it all in towards the midline, feeling the center in your own body, couple more breaths, alright back to your warrior three, as you're ready inhale unwind the arms, spread your wings and exhale unwind the legs, extend, right leg reaches back, take the arm variation that serves, use that core strength, press back through the right heel, shine through the heart, breathe three, two, yeah remember that transition from standing splits, we really want to use the strength of the standing legs to start to bend that left knee and then float the right foot back, inhale rise, high lunge, exhale set down into a really strong through foundation, take a big inhale, exhale open it warrior two, settle for a couple breaths, and then inhale just lengthen the left leg and exhale extend out and now you try and go forward, yeah enjoy it, take a few moments just to kind of find it in your own body, softening through the right rib cage, a little lengthening through the left rib cage, okay and then we add the neck release on your exhale wrap that right arm behind the back, find the low back sacrum or the hip crease and then slowly easing left ear to left shoulder, maybe chin towards chest a little or chin down towards the shoulder a little, creating space and hopefully a little bit of release, good and before we rise draw the head back to neutral neck follows the rest of the spine and then slowly with the inhale come all the way up, warrior two and exhale just settle reconnect take a big inhale and with the exhale hands to the earth step straight back into plank folds and lower knees are chaturanga dandasana, inhale scoop the heart up shoulders way down the back, exhale all the way back downward facing dog, so strong so steady good pause here, gallery energy reconnect with your breath, alright one more standing flow with your inhale right leg to the sky with your exhale open the hip, inhale let it rise again and with your exhale right knee outside of right elbow, inhale fold it back up and with your exhale step right foot forward spin the back heel down, left arm opens you inhale warrior two and exhale settle, good stay for a big inhale and then exhale into side angle form to thigh or hand to earth inner or outer edge of front foot and if you're practicing binding or half binding go for it make it yours you've got a full five breaths just easing in, torso rolls up back leg is strong and awake, three, two, okay from your center as you're ready inhale rise again warrior two and then exhale let's lengthen the right leg and spin the feet to parallel release hands to hit then we're going to turn toes out heels in and sit down into it goddess pose, forearms just gently hovering above the thighs press the feet into the earth inhale reach out and exhale cross the arms in front of the body sit down into it inhale rise up exhale deep bend inhale rise exhale deep bend good inhale come all the way up turn the feet to parallel exhale hands to prayer trace the midline going all the way to the earth adjust the feet a little as needed inhale lengthen and exhale just deep and into the pastrata padottanasana a so maybe fingers line up the toes maybe not doesn't matter maybe crown of the head touches the earth or a block maybe not doesn't matter your expression of the poles three two and one slowly inhale halfway up keep the hips pulling back to the wall behind you or the space behind you and then exhale just walk the arms on let the heart relax to the earth and let that sweet spot between the shoulder blades just dissolve few breaths here keep those legs strong allowing the release of the upper body okay and then just slowly walking the hands back in basically under the shoulders we're just going to stay low inhale halfway and then see the right foot exhale pivot it back to the front of the mat of the back heel spins up and then simply step back plank pose and lower with the exhale reach the heart up inhale all the way back down dog exhale take a breath with your inhale reach left leg to the sky exhale open the hip bend the knee inhale let it rise again exhale knee outside left elbow inhale reach and with the exhale step left foot forward spin the back heel down right arm opens you inhale warrior to settle and ground and then big inhale exhale side angle form to thigh hand to earth or block maybe you're exploring a bind your choice full five breaths and feel the expanse of that breath and feel it come back to center as you empty the exhale one more breath from your center as you're ready inhale rise warrior two and then exhale lengthen that left leg spin the feet to parallel again hands to the hips towards out heels in returning to goddess and let's rise and fall inhale reaching out and up exhale deep bend in the knees inhale reach out and up exhale sit down into it again inhale and exhale from here inhale all the way up exhale turn the feet to parallel and interlace the hands behind the back inhale heart rising and exhale fold forward some love for the shoulders saw through head and neck so just surrendering into it take all that heat energy you're generating into upper back neck shoulders give you a little room to play here so you keep the foundation of the pose you keep the essential shape and then maybe if you love this keep this otherwise any variation maybe grab the big toes maybe walk the hems through maybe you love a twist through one hand with the other arm yeah five or six more breath enjoy it yeah take a moment just to come back to the center line hands are rooting basically under the shoulders and again we stay low for the transition inhale just halfway see the left one exhale pivot step straight back into plank and lower as you choose inhale heart rising and exhale all the way home yeah breathe here really really really strong steady work from your down dog take a big inhale and then with the exhale release the knees to the earth the hips to the heels child's balls these can be together wide arms out or back if you like support between sit bones and heels take it may get comfortable and then just lay it all down at least for now whatever it is offer it up and as the physical body relaxes invite the rest to follow your four breaths yeah and of course always just stay in child's as long as you like the body will know when it's ready to rise and when it is you just inhale just for the transition and talk the tools and the exhale is lift up and back for down dog into pigeon inhale reach the right leg create a little space and then exhale draw right knee right shin forward support the right hip glute area if you'd like if you need or want a different hip opener take it of course give yourself a little time to build the foundation right so wiggle around into it settle in and then tall spine big inhale rise and exhale ease out and down we're going to give this a full minute give or take so lots of space to just drop and surrender the breath is following its own natural rhythm and the awareness is following the breath settling in okay and about halfway there let it open yeah of course you can stay here as long as you like got a lot going on in the hips just moving your own time when you're ready inhale walk the upper body back in and up and then ease the weight over to that right hip exhale swing the left leg around for ararama see which way that left foot can come in front of the right shin or outside of the right knee it's your choice we'll go around pretty even weight on the sit bones and then inhale reach right arm up and with your exhale you might hook the other outside of the knee you might wrap the arm around the leg and then spiral and gently gaze back over the left shoulder yeah hearing the hills lengthen you and your exhales maybe ease you just a little deeper into the twist the strain just a natural opening one more breath okay if you're ready inhale back to the midline and then exhale take a counter twist to the other side you might stay tall you might let the back round and the head fall another breath okay inhale back to center exhale unwind the legs keep this simple you just cross the ankles roll forward plant the hands hop or step it back vinyasa or directly into downward facing dog take what you feel for we meet in down the gathering breath and energy and second side inhale reach left leg up give the hips some space and then exhale ease into pigeon maybe the side wants more support maybe less and of course a different hip opener that's what serves once you're rooted inhale toss by and exhale ease out and down take the breath where you need it just let yourself be here breath by breath okay and about half way there so yeah stay on this side as long as you like when you're ready slowly inhale drop back up exhale ease over to that left hip as you swing the right leg around again you can step the foot in front of the shin or outside of the knee and then check out the sit bones relatively evenly rooted and then inhale reach left arm and exhale hook the elbow or just wrap the arm around the leg and spiral to gaze back over the right shoulder again just like we did at the opening let the expanse of the breath be an invitation where does it want to move where does it move from um another breath and then we inhale just come back to center line and exhale a counter twist to the other side you might stay tall and you might let the back round and the head fall double breath all right and then inhaling back to center exhale unwind the legs feet on the earth very gently we're rolling all the way down as you land hug the knees in towards the chest wrap your arms around your legs and just let yourself kind of rock a little side to side starting to release the lower back okay and then just a little specific love for the core ideally it's participating the whole practice just to make direct contact for a moment you're going to plant the feet on the earth and then keep the spine really long back is grounded then pick up the feet yeah legs are at a 90 degree angle it's like a classic chair shape press the hands into the thighs press the thighs back into the hands feel a slight kind of curling up of the tailbone that will intensify it and really draw it right into the abdominal muscles keep that you can press so gently or really intensely make it as hard as you want then you feel for it on the head and the shoulders rising just one cycle pressing curling tailbone and breathing five let it tremble four three two exhale to release feet on the earth arms alongside the body take a big inhale into the belly open the mouth let it go all right grounding down through the feet scoop the tailbone lift the hips simple bridge pull arms stay at rest or the hands can interlace underneath the back to crawl the shoulders and then okay and then breathe into heart reflexes deep belly hip flexors squat muscles open that whole front body okay three two the hands are clasped exhale gently release them melt from the top to the bottom of the spine back down to the earth and take a breath here okay you have a few options you can repeat that simple bridge as is you can repeat it with the block or if you're really feeling for rising all the way up pull it on your ass and by all means go for it come in the bridge together if that's your choice ground through the feet scoop the tailbone lift the hips and as is or block under sacrum yeah again arms at rest or hands clasping just dropping in here breathing into the front body another really beautiful way to work with overwhelm is restorative nourishing postures personally they're more beneficial after i've moved quite a bit if i go right into them if mine is too busy the energy is too frenetic but after a deep practice when you've cleared a lot out taking a more gentle restorative posture be really therapeutic okay so we're all kind of on our own back bending journey here stay with what serves those of you who are with me on the block just gently lift the hips remove the pop my knees all the way down ultimately we all meet here soles of the feet together knees falling open and then that's the right hand on the heart and the left hand on the belly if you're comfortable with it let the eyes close otherwise just soften okay okay and feel the rise and fall of your breath under your hands feel your own center under your hands it's always there it's a lot harder to access some moments than others but it's always there and sometimes just knowing that can be a source of comfort okay drawing the knees together hug your legs in towards your chest rocking a little side to side we're going to take a twist to the left first legs as is or you can wrap either leg on top hips to the right just a little in the left and then reach the right arm out to the right using these closing twists to kind of ring things out internally and of course to release the little bath after the bath hmm good unravel slowly when you're ready inhale draw the legs back to the center if they're crossed unravel move the hips to the left a little bit and then take the bind if you had it on the other side and lower legs to the right left arm to the left let that left shoulder be heavy and breathe again down to lower back and take them clear it out physically and energetically as you're ready inhale back to center again if the legs are bound unwind from that bind and then hug it in wrap the arms around the legs rock yourself a little side to side and let's close with happy baby things are challenging enough these days let's just take a gentle close to the practice arms go inside the legs holding the ankles or the feet you might keep this neutral you might rock a little you can even lengthen one leg and then the other what feels best let that be your guard a few more breaths okay there's anything else you really feel for by all means take it when you are ready exhale simply release let the legs extend and roll open from the hips let the arms rest alongside the body palms face the sky wiggle around a little shake anything out and then let it all go as the physical body relaxes mind heart subtle body relaxes well now we take these sweet precious moments to integrate the practice to replenish to restore just breath you you you you sustaining as much as possible the sense of ease and relaxation begin to deepen the breath and bring a little movement into the hands of the feet and with an inhale extend the arms up and over reaching through fingers and tools and then exhaling let's bend the knees and just roll to either side when you want to linger there for a moment so feel free gradually and drawing yourself up to a comfortable seat as you're ready and as always take the seat that feels best in your body rooting through sit bones nice and tall through spine soft gaze or close the eyes just a moment of stillness here transition from your practice and whatever the rest of your day or your evening holds bones are grounding spine is really tall those shoulders ease down just notice if you can access that center a little more directly notice if that connection inward to your own source again whatever that means to you is maybe just a little bit stronger so that it's there to call on in those moments so overwhelming watching the breath and resting in that center for just another moment and then we'll take the hands to prayer at the heart center and just close with a gentle bow to yourself and to one another all who are sharing in these practices thank you all so so much for being here be safe be well namaste


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Another beautiful Rosemary class...solid grounding poses with longer holds that leaves me feeling happy to be alive ✨✨✨
Catherine A
Great class, Rosemary ! Many thanks as
Rosemary Garrison
Yay for feeling happy to be alive, Jenny ! Thank you for this. Big love to you!
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Catherine . So glad you enjoyed it. Be well. 
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I could have stayed in pigeon pose forever. Thank you Rosemary.
Rosemary Garrison
Mmmmhhhhh, pigeon pose. SO good. My pleasure, Ali . Thanks for sharing the practice. 
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Rosemary, for this beautiful, powerful and relaxing practice! Namaste! ❤️💝💖💗
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Sandra Židan ! Oh so grateful for your support and kind words. 
David G-
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Sandra is working through this season too. That's fun. I love these live classes. So much gratitude Rosemary. I have opened in new ways these last few weeks, just as much off the mat. Today I could learn visually on the big-screen tv and be a yoga nerd.  (Zoom needs to get its act together and allow  screen-cast.  ). I found such joy on the  today, and I really needed to center myself and find the strength you continue to build in all of us. Shanti
Nadine R
Love this class!

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