Summer Ayurveda Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 2: Slow and Curious

60 min - Practice


Awaken your intuition and inner joy as we practice replacing the question "Am I doing this right?” with "Does this feel good?" In Day 2, we begin supine to connect with our essential core muscles, then explore moving in dynamic ways in standing postures to better align with breath and a playful attitude.

Your Self Care Homework Challenge for Day 2:

The homework for this challenge is cumulative, and today is focused on growing your morning self-care routine.

  • Body: Use a drop of Nasya oil in your nostrils to moisten dry tissues.
  • Mind: Massage aromatherapy-infused oil in the morning for deeper hydration and to calm the nervous system.
  • Spirit: Steep a cup of tea herbal tea in the afternoon (ex. hibiscus, rose, mint, fennel) to stay cool and hydrated.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block


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I enjoyed this practice. 
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Melina-thank you I LOVED this practise with the block on my head ----i felt so calm and centred afterwards! It´s funny because I teach English here in Spain and when my little kids are getting overexcited I often play a version of "Simon says" - do you know this game in the states? Anyway, I get the kids to put their books on their heads and then walk slowly round the room or stand up and sit down,etc. They love it - and within minutes they are calm and focussed, their wee faces are a treat.¨¡! Isn't it strange that it´s ever occurred to me to do t myself when Im stressed - until now!
Have a beautiful day!
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Very sweet core strengthening work, Melina!  Many thanks for this challenge : )
 I appreciated the mix of movement, meditation and advice.  The block on one's head was a wonderful new approach for me.
Music to my ears!!! I'm grateful these practices are appreciated and the props are being used to inspire your practice and new insights! 
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What a beautiful practice.  Thank you.  
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I loved the core work on my back. Though my right hip clunks every time I do the wide circles which is a bit disconcerting! It’s not painful, but it is not relaxing! Should I avoid it? (I realise as I am typing that may be impossible for you to answer and is probably for me to judge!) I liked the playfulness of the movements here and the block-on-head scenario added a new awareness in my feet.
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Hi Ali ~ Thanks for watching the show and trying out all these new moves! As far as your hip and the clunky movements...I have a few GENERAL things to recommend, please try these and see if they make a difference: 1) make the circles much smaller 2) keep your lower abdominal muscles turned ON as your first priority, then circle the leg and see if that extra support keeps things in place. 3) do all of the above. I'll look forward to hearing how it goes!

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Thank you Melina. I will try those things when I come back to this practice.
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This was amazing...might be one of my favourite practices ever. My body, especially my shoulders, feels so open. Thank you so much! I will be coming back to this many times.
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