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Season 2 - Episode 8

Revolving Half Moon

5 min - Tutorial
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We look at variations of Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana (Revolving Half Moon Pose), with the help of Juna, Sarah, and Matt.
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Jan 23, 2015
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Welcome back. Thank you Matt, Sarah, and Juna for still being here. So we'll take a look at revolving Arda Trandrasana, revolving Half Moon. Again, not an easy posture, and so our friends are so generous in their willingness to share. So please, like as you're watching our friends, watch what each of them does. Okay guys, as you're ready, we'll step our right foot back.

So watch how they set up. Watch how they organize. Watch how they each have a slightly different style. Okay. Notice how Matt has chosen to use a brick. Notice how both of Matt's legs are slightly bent. Okay. Notice how similar Juna and Sarah actually are in the posture.

Whereas in the Half Moon, they were a little bit more different. Okay. Now for the last few moments, Juna and Matt, as you guys would like, you can release. And Sarah will be willing just to hold for a few more moments to just look at a few other things. Now, I don't know if you saw that, but she so wisely took a break by doing it again, just to show. So nice to take a break by bending that bottom knee and then re-extending.

And you'll see how beautiful she's able to draw this hip back, how she's able to keep her enthusiasm in this leg, and how she lets her heart blossom. So beautiful. Okay, last few moments, I'll get out of your way so you can actually see her. Gorgeous. Okay, as you're ready, you can join your friends. So again, just in these short little episodes, our primary purpose is to just gently share and show others moving into the postures. The beauty of video, because as we've talked about before, vid.

Vid is the same root as vision, vidya, video. It means clarity. Video gives us the chance to see more clearly. Thanks for being here.


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