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Season 3 - Episode 4

Guided by Breath with Sadia

60 min - Practice


The breath is the co-pilot of the heart. Sadia leads us through a mindful practice to quiet and feel the subtleties of the body, as we move through opening floor work, into warming holds and sun salutes, gentle back bends, and twists, all the while leading with the heart and guided by the supportive softness of the breath. You will feel spacious and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat (2), Block (2)

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This was a JOY.  I’m practicing this on the day of the new moon in Leo, and the synchronicity is magical as we are called to set an intention for our days ahead and there is your theme: “Lead with your Heart.”  Perfect.  I’m so looking forward to your new season of classes here on Yoga Anytime!  Eight weeks of these practices will be much needed during the “interesting” times ahead.  Thank You 🙏🏻🌚✨✨✨
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Hi Sadia, Initial shakiness gave way to spaciousness- how lovely! Thank you
Have a beautiful day
p.s. Greetings to Jenny  we often seem to be in the same class -  and appreciate the same stuff....I too am looking forward to the September  season- what a wild ride it has been and continues to be!
Thanks so much for the kind words," style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Jenny! Am thrilled that you enjoyed practice and that it aligned so perfectly with your New Moon intention! Look forward to sharing more very soon. Be well! 
Michelle, am so glad you enjoyed! Hope you'll join me live sometime!
You are such a graceful and playful instructor!
Ahhhh! Thank you. Please teach on! Heart unleashed to flow from Top High Mountain Expanse...
Top of my day!
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Diyana Dobberteen Thank you EVER so much for joining class, and for your kind words! Deep appreciation!
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Sadia: wonderful class. Loved the magic in those comments. Wish I could do more than just like. More emojis for YA! I really grounded today with my breath, moving it through those shapes. Had some soreness which helps set up a yogi experiment. How to ease a sticky areas with focused attention. Namaste 
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David G- He’s baaaaaaaack! Welcome home, my friend! Will be delighted to read more of your insightful and entertaining comments here! I hope you’ve been enjoying the fullness of summer, and of life itself! 

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